Tonight is Sweden’s Super Finale before Eurovision Song Contest. The circus “Melody Festival” has got it’s grand finale tonight on Swedish Television. The winner will be Sweden’s representative in Eurovision Song Contest 2013, this year arranged in Malmo.

Melodifestivalen – the Swedish Eurovision is Really huge

The Melody Festival is a huge event in Sweden. It goes on tour for 6 weeks and are broadcasted on the national TV station every Saturday in prime time. Everybody talks about the show, the stars and the hosts. The Swedish people are world champions in loving their music final that will choose who that will go all the way to Eurovision Song Contest in May. More than 4 million people are expected to watch the 2 hour long show tonight. The show that traditionally was named Schlagerfestivalen, is more popular than ever, especially after they won the entire Eurovision final last year. This year there’s a mix of old and new stars, most of them are very young, from 17 years old. The oldest performers are around 60 years old. This year,  it’s the men’s final, in fact in 9 out of 10 performers are men. Only one lady, is performing tonight.

Swedish Eurovision
Louise Hoffsten

Louise is an artist that have big chances to win this year

Louise Hoffsten (48 years old) is a Swedish song writer, musician and singer spanning several genres, notably rock, blues and pop.Louise was born in Linköping. Her father, Gunnar Hoffsten, was also a musician and played the trumpet in a jazz band.From her first recordings, Hoffsten’s music and stage act have weaved together rock, folk and blues influences, while sometimes moving into r’n’b and jazz territory, unified by her earthy, slightly operatic singing style and driving, lean grooves. Like many blues singers she plays the harmonica as well, a recurrent element in her songs; she is arguably the most well-known and recognized female blues singer of contemporary Sweden. She has built a wide following in her native land, has won several awards and currently resides in Stockholm. She is participating in Melodifestivalen 2013 which selects Swedens entry for Eurovision 2013 in Malmö with the song Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream.In 1996, Louise was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but despite the complications and occasional depressions (mirrored in the book/record Blues), she continues to write, tour and perform music. She has a meaningful song, and it gives a serious message, and we like it.  A good luck from Distrita. She has stribed more than anybody else to get to the final and she really deserves to stand there tonight. Her song is a huge contrast to other contestants like Sean Banan that only is joking and having a silly number for the kids.

We will keep on with updates for the Melody Festival during the night.