AppleApple writes “Truly innovative products leave their mark on the world instead of the planet.” which you can find on But we have to ask. Is Apple that innovative regarding the environment? Do they think of the planet? Because that’s a huge lie which you should consider and together with us all should push Apple to think different. Wasn’t that their slogan back in the days?

#1 No support for Abandoned Products

Maybe Apple does have a great environment thinking with their newer products that they make. But that’s not where they fail. It seems that we are the only ones that dare to write such an article to awake the green planet persons at Apple. In this article, we ask about all of the Apple products that they abandon and leave out support for. This is a huge environmental concern that they totally ignore. Because of its all about selling and making money? When Apple chose to abandon their products within a period of active support. They leave out a huge responsibility. This is something that the media today is totally ignoring and that’s really sad.

In our view at Distrita is that Apple is the world’s worst IT company regarding trying to save our beloved planet. Its really hurting because they are tricking everyone in thinking that they care but in reality, they don’t. For the sake of humanity, Apple has a huge responsibility regarding their abandon products policy. Once a product is abandoned, they are guilty in that these products get thrown into the environment somewhere. It is shocking from an Amiga user like myself to see this going on and on. My Amiga computers from 1987 or 1992 still working and get used every day with support from the Community and Commercially. It is also shocking for me to admit from my heart that the PC products are all much more environment-friendly than any of the Apple products combined. Just look at what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10 for example. They are also abandoning older hardware but they are not in the same street as Apple.

There are no more MacOS updates coming for the Dual-Core MacBooks. I have a totally healthy black MacBook 13″ where I have installed Windows 10 just to see if it worked and it worked without issues. While Apple has totally abandoned it, Microsoft still supports it which I find to be very not planet-friendly thinking. I want to use that MacBook with MacOSX usage, but I can’t. Others I have talked to have thrown them out. They can’t sell them because with Apple not supporting them they aren’t worth anything. Also, my very healthy iMac i7 machine from 2011 got abandoned in 2018. Except for having AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512MB which is not so good graphics card for gaming the latest games, it is a superb machine that I really don’t want to abandon. But Apple is trying everything they can to make me throw it into garbage by only releasing security updates for it. Soon they will also stop them to come. I cant upgrade OS X El Capitan on it.

I am not the only one affected by this. It is all Intel Mac users that have a bit older products. Apple tells that they add features in MacOSX that aren’t supported and that’s why they abandon the older Mac products. But Windows 10 supports them? And you could give users choices because I really love my iMac i7 machine from 2011. It does everything that I need. Yet, Apple builds a huge wall against their own fantastic product. It doesn’t make sense!!!.. and you want to save the environment?

Apple#2 People throw old none supported Apple products

As written above. Apple abandons its products after a certain period of time. This makes people throw their beloved Apple products. In detail, this abandon period happened with Apple when they have jumped between different CPU architectures such as 68k, PowerPC and Intel in the computing history.

Luckily there are many people that love to keep older technology such as PowerPC alive which makes the systems not so obsolete. This also prevents people from throwing out great computers made by Apple. MorphOS is such an operating system that should be given marks for saving the planet. It is an operating system that pushes the Amiga vibe into nextgen and does it very well. It makes PowerPC Macs useable which Apple has abandoned. Also, LinuxPPC is getting updated so that the platform can be used. I am personally using MorphOS daily on my PowerPC Macs and for me, it is a fantastic OS that got the lightning speed that I need.


But users of the earlier Intel Apple products are not so lucky. I know that those people that can’t sell their Intel Macs that are abandoned by Apple and they will instead of being useable be thrown and that is not an innovative way of saving the planet at all. For each machine that Apple abandons, they are promoting digital waste and that’s not environment-friendly thinking at all.

#3 Apple tried to make users throw out PowerPC Macs by bricking the DVD drive

Including making people throwing their old Intel Macs. Apple lies about them being innovative regarding environment when they back in the days bricked all PowerPC Macs DVD Roms with their latest MacOSX Leopard update for PowerPC. They really wanted people to throw out their PowerPC Macs and get their newer MacBooks and other Intel Mac products.

How can I write this about Apple bricking the PowerPC DVD Roms? I bought two PowerPC Macs in 2015. One PowerBook 15″ 1.64GHz and one iBook G4 12″ 1.33MHz. Both of them came with MacOSX Tiger. I updated both to MacOSX Leopard as that what it wanted to do when I turned them on. I tested my PowerBook 15″ first. Tested if the DVD worked and it did until I updated to the last MacOSX Leopard update. The DVD drive stopped to work. I tested the same thing with my iBook G4 12″ and the same thing happened with my DVD there.


I am sure that many must have been thinking that something went really wrong with their PowerPC Macs when the DVD drive stopped to work as it should. So, I was worried that I would never be able to install MorphOS on them. That was the reason for buying these two PowerPC Macs. I needed a laptop Amiga that I could take with me to Amiga events that I could cover at Amitopia Amiga Magazine site. I luckily found out on the net about this issue. It is not written in media at all and it seems like when Apple jumped from PowerPC to Intel, they managed to hide or ignore it as Intel was so much more innovative. But bricking PowerPCs for selling more Intel Macs is maybe the worst attempt by Apple to make people throw out their PowerPC Macs.

Well, I got my PowerPC machines to read the MorphOS CD’s that I have burned in the end by resetting the NVRAM over 20 times. You just need to have patience as your product must forget the bricking code. After 18 attempts the drive starts to read a bit. Then on the 19th or 20th time, it starts to read the DVDs again! Which made me finally install MorphOS on both of them.

We really hope that people understand the importance of this article. Share it with everyone interested in protecting our environment. Apple makes millions of uses throw out useable computers because the CEOs think it doesn’t fit within their roadmap for the future. Well, I have to say. The future is what the children today will experience. It is not yours. Tim! You should really start to support all of your products. Let people sell used Macs to others that don’t need better graphics cards. Let people use your products instead of making people throwing them out. What makes you think that an iMac i7 machine is outdated? I am using MorphOS on my PowerBook G4 1.64GHz machine and LOVE IT! I don’t want to sell it or throw it. Learn to give people choices and stop your ignorance of helping the world. I am not saying you should stop innovating and create new products. What I say is that you should support all of Intel machines still. Prove to the world that you care… ! Because now you don’t and we can say…

Apple doesn’t care about the Environment! Share and Care about the Planet you live on!



FAQ Regarding Apple Abandoning Policy

Who is Apple abandoning?

Apple is abandonng all of their old technology and systems after a certain of the period. It doesn’t even matter if they are fully useable. Their environment focus is not what it seems at all.

Why is Apple abandoning?

They do it so they can sell more. Because they are one company and not many companies producing computers such as the PC market. If people stay on their old made computers then that’s less income for Apple. So they do everything they can to make you upgrade to the latest Apple product.

What is Apple abandoning?

There is no more support at all for PowerPC Macs. These awesome machines from Apple works without issues, yet they don’t care. Same for the first generation Intel Macs and now also 2011 Macs.

Our iMac i7 Intel machine is a fantastic computer but Apple have abandoned it since 2018 with no more full MacOS releases. Just small security updates have been released. Soon it will be completely abandoned.

Is this environment friendly thinking? No! Windows 10 is working on our iMac i7 machine. It also works on my black MacBook 13″ too. But Apple’s own OS does not support it. Many Mac users throws their beloved Macs because of this. Not good for the environment at all.