This is our list of the 3 Best RPG Games Ever Made. Distrita made this list because of our Love for RPG games. There are many more RPG games that are awesome to play, but these on this list is what Distrita thinks should be at everyones Top 5 RPG Games list.

Shocking 3D RPG FPS game for Amiga amazes me

Most of the RPG games that we love is available for Nintendo consoles, Dreamcast awesome console from SEGA and also one for Amiga even that almost no one knows anything about. Trapped II for the Amiga platform is actually one of the best 3D FPS RPG games ever made for any machine we think.

The graphics blows me out of my chair everytime I play it. On our Amiga 1200 with 68060 the games 3D engine reaches over 32FPS. This means that the 3D engine is well made! And optimized for the Amiga.  However, even though it is for my favorite platform. The best RPG game is not for the Amiga in my opinion. It is good, but not the best.

Trapped II can’t beat Skies of Arcardia for Dreamcast! This game is just stunning in everyday and we at Distrita concludes that this game should get a HD remake with the very same music from Dreamcast version,.. or even better release it for Dreamcast 2!?

Skies of Arcardia

Skies of Arcadia got yet another top score on Distrita website, because this RPG keeps me playing it in 2018 still. Each time I play I find new things in this game, because its so huge!

Interesting personality transformation

Also I find that the atmosphere between all of the characters is very interesting. To see how these teenagers grows up and becomes adults more and more is really great. To see Wyse, Aika and Fina evolve thru the entire game is fantastic. But that’s not everything. The fact that you control a floating ship is beyond anything that I have tried until today.

This game also puts a gamers heart to the test. Especially is the docking of the lower city of Valua one of my biggest eyeopeners in a game that I’ve experienced. You must see it! So, either you have a Dreamcast or Gamecube. This game for Dreamcast is for me the best RPG game made. No one seems to do games like this anymore.


Trapped 2

As seen in the video above. This RPG game for Amiga is stunning. Especially the intro and the gameplay! It is one of the most unknown Amiga RPG games in the gaming history.  You evolve all the time in this game. You also get to learn new spells and visit some of the most fascinating places. The 3D village in this game is simply stunningly made. A must to try game for all!

Came out at a Difficult time

Its so sad to reveal for anyone that when this game came out in 1997. Lot’s of people moved to Windows or other systems long time ago. Also, many Amiga users at that time didn’t have a CD-ROM neither!


This game is a worthy play for everyone and I base the second place on that I haven’t found any other 3D RPG FPS games at the same level for sure. Especially in the FPG genre. Amiga had more than just Doom clones and Trapped II is for sure a unique 3D RPG FPS experience that anyone should try.


Who would think that a RPG open world fighting game with free movement would be on our 3rd place? Me me me, since I am writing this!… But it is really a worthy second place game. Now it is even available for Playstation 4, XBOX ONE and PC (thru Steam). The fans behind Shenmue shows how much impression the Dreamcast console did when it came out for SEGA’s impressive game console!

Over 8 years in the Making of the original Shenmue

Shenmue and then the follow up Shenmue II got such a fantastic story all the way from start to end. It is one of the first games to introduce a huge open world game where You can do almost everything you want with its own limitations. Like with the famous GTA and Red Dead Redemption games today, you also have side quests that isn’t related to story of the game itself also. Which makes this game unique!

The interactions with people you have on the street and almost everything else is done in such a way you feel free! So, when you walk or drive with Ryu you can goto any phone booth, try your luck with a capsule machine, visit the arcades or shop food in a Japanese traditional food store. You really feel as if you are in Japan in the late 1980’s.


In the 2008, Shenmue was also mentioned in Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition where the Dreamcast version of Shenmue is listed as the most expensive game ever to develop. The very first Shenmue game is known for first being developed for SEGA Saturn console. But it took much longer than expected to develop it. So it took the developers over 8 years! We really recommend You to get this game. But if you do. Then you should also consider getting Shenmue 2 which is the official sequel.

On the Dreamcast and on the original XBOX console you can bring everything that you saved in the first game onto the sequel also. I don’t know if you can do this in the newest remastered version though.

Shenmue and Shenmue II is two games that is Way to good to be forgotten. Ryu’s story should be known by more! This is a true Open World RPG 3D experience.





Source: Distrita Own Experience