Here, Distrita takes a look at the 3 best Emulators ever made for any platform. Here we count how much of the other platform is emulated and how easy it is to actually run something else.

Platforms: MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, AROS, Dreamcast, Linux, Windows, OSX and Android

Powermonger on UAE
Powermonger on UAE

Unix Amiga Emulator as it is called, is one of worlds most advanced emulators today. It is quite unique in that it supports so many variations of Amiga kickstart systems, mem config and even supports PowerPC emulation now. With UAE you can emulate anything from the most basic Amiga 500 to the most super advanced PowerPC based Amiga machine. Yes you can even run AmigaOS 4 under WinUAE. So, with UAE you can play almost any old OCS, ECS and AGA games. When using AmigaOS in RTG mode, you can also play RTG games! Only the most advanced 3D games for Amiga might lag a bit, but these are very few games.

The most advanced version of UAE is out for Windows and its called WinUAE. This one gets frequently new updates and is really cool.

UAE4ALL is another version that is quite handy for consoles like Dreamcast, but also for Android devices. Its easy to set up with right Kickstart, right configuration and easy to start games or even AmigaOS.

UAE even exsists for the nextgen Amiga operating systems like AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS which don’t have the Amiga custom chips on their hardware. There are JIT versions for both PowerPC and x86 CPU architectures that speeds up the emulation a lot.

Remember that Kickstart is still sold and licensed by Cloanto. Yes, they sell both floppies with AmigaOS 3.1 and also have released Essentials for Android devices which you can find on Google Play Store. Cloanto also got their Amiga Forever packages which also includes UAE.


Platforms: MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, AROS, Dreamcast, Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and PSP

Snes9X for Windows
Mario Kart running on Snes9X for Windows

This is the most ported and most useful Super Nintendo emulator ever. There is even versions for it for Dreamcast, Windows RT and Windows mobile. On Dreamcast its called DreamSNES, while for Windows RT and Windows Mobil it’s called Snes8X.

Distrita have put this on 2nd place, because this emulator is so widespread on any platform. It allows to play almost any SNES games on almost any machine. As with any other emulators it would feel more sense to have the games that you try emulate. There are still nostalgic games sold on Nintendo’s platforms.


Snes9X have been put on 2nd place because it exists for so many platforms. Also it makes SNES games available for almost everyone. It supports SNES USB controllers and you can tweak it a lot to your preferences. You can run it in window or fullscreen mode. You can use hardware optimization also if you want. Overal, Snes9X delivers and on so many platforms. Very good emulator for sure.

Platforms: MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, Dreamcast, Linux, OSX, MS-DOS and Windows

Logo and characters that you can play with MAME
MAME is worlds best arcade emulator!

Playing arcade games at home is something many dream of. However, most of the arcade machines are quite big or heavy to bring home (though I know people having them at home,.. funnycrazy!). MAME can emulate most of arcade machines, and its also easy to get them from the net. However! Some arcade machines uses quite sophisticated hardware that even the strongest PC struggles to emulate. So, MAME is quite nice for older arcade games but for newer games you need horsepower deluxe.

I put this on 3rd place, as this is one of the 3 best emulators of all time but it lacks the little extra. I love it as you can play Japanese, European and American versions of games like the world known game 1943 which is a brilliant shooter etc. It’s funny and interesting to see the differences. But games like Virtua Racing from SEGA which uses simple 3D graphics is quite heavy even for a 2GHz dual core PowerPC machine. There are few FPS in increase when running it on a i7 Intel machine, but its only minor increase. Some of the arcade CPUs and GPUs are really advanced to emulate.