Where is the human love? Is it totally gone? How do we treat people, which is 67 years old here upnorth in Norway? We plan on sending her to yet another asylum!?

Norway, which is one of the richest countries in the world doesn’t have the funds to keep the assylum at Jølster, Vassenden alive. So over 70 people at the asylum is waiting for an uncertain future!

Humanity seems not to be Norwegian Government priority

Did we leave the humanity and respect for livings totally. Also!? This happens in world’s best country to live in. There isn’t bigger contrasts for sure, when the best country to live in treats asylum people like nothing.

She are originally from Eritrea. She doesn’t fulfill criteria for asylum and retention in Norway, but she cannot return to her country of origin. Thus, a rigid and stiff-legged rule of law is sentenced to a life on asylum home, with 1400 NOK (150 Euro) the month to live for. She have been 11 years on an asylum home in Germany, and then 15 years in Norway. It’s not much of a life, but at Vassenden she have at least a life to enjoy.

Soon Again on the Move towards Yet Another Uncertain Future

And now we send her on an uncertain future again. When she have to leave, she can only take one suit case with her. This means that she have to leave many clothes or things at the older asylum home. The bus companies is restricting this if they arent going to be moved that far. However, when they move for a longer distance with airplane etc. They can take more, but with 1400 NOK (150 Euro) per month its very little in Norway which is one of world’s most expensive countries to live in.

Norway got the money for these people that lives in asylums. There should also be a system helping them back into life. Especially people at her age, it would be better for her to get some sort of life by getting a room at a elderly home. The Norwegian government is also doing too little to fix these issues. We at Distrita spreads this news so it can be shared and maybe someone in Norway will have the guts to do something. Providing the information about some asylum people have their last years in Norway was so heart hurting for me, that I needed to share it with you.

Norwegian Government! Fix this now! Please!