Except for USA, Canada and Japan. Netflix got the rights to show Studio Ghiblis Anime productions in 190 countries world wide. So, now it is time to have some really nice family time watching for those ones that subscribes to the Netflix streaming service.

21 New Studio Ghibli Anime Productions on Netflix

Within 1st of April, 21 Studio Ghibli Anime productions will be available. The first seven will be available on 1st of February, then seven more on 1st of March and the seven last ones on 1st of April this year.

1st of February 2020 on Netflix

● “Castle in the Sky” (1986)
● “My Neighbor Totoro” (1988)
● “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989)
● “Only Yesterday” (1991)
● “Porco Rosso” (1992)
● “Ocean Waves” (1993)
● “Tales from Earthsea” (2006)

1st of March 2020 on Netflix

● “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” (1984)
● “Princess Mononoke” (1997)
● “Spirited Away” (2001)
● “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya” (2013)
● “Arrietty” (2010)
● “The Cat Returns” (2002)
● “My Neighbors the Yamadas” (1988)


1st of April 2020 on Netflix

● “Howl’s Moving Castle” (2004)
● “Pom Poko” (1994)
● “Whisper of the Heart” (1995)
● “Ponyo” (2008)
● “The Wind Rises” (2013)
● “When Marnie Was There” (2014)
● “From Up on Poppy Hill” (2011)

This is fantastic news for people subscribing to Netflix in 190 countries. In USA it seems like HBO got the rights back in October JapanToday writes. For the Japanese market, Studio Ghibhli have chosen not to release it on Netflix there because many still buys physical DVD’s and Bluray’s in the country. So they want to wait for that country. 


Family time Anime on Netflix from Studio Ghibli

On JapanToday they write that Hayao Miyazaki has agreed to grant its anime films to one of the most powerful and influential video streaming services, Netflix. The streaming giant has announced on the site that it’s secured streaming rights to almost the entire Ghibli animated collection except for Grave of the Fireflies.

It really looked like Studio Ghibli was going to stick to its “physical media-only” policy until the end of time. But the time’s changes and so Netflix can now show their masterpieces in 190 countries. A huge deal for the giant which needed to feel the space that it had for Disney productions which moved to Disney+ service in many countries across the globe.

Netflix Streaming Service Worldwide, Netflix News Worldwide
Netflix Streaming Service Worldwide, Netflix News Worldwide

So, now February will be a very nice month for Netflix users. Studio Ghibli animations are all state of the art productions. Let’s just hope that they give all of their releases the options of listening to the original voices and subtitles. It would be a shame if they all are only dubbed. I hope not. Because these Anime cartoons must be seen without dubbing at all. They are for all ages most of them and so a subtitle option should be available.

We are looking forward to this! Once it is out you will know much more!


Spirited Away was Released in 2001 and you will be able to watch it from 1st of March 2020 on Netflix if you subscribe. Here is a bit backstory to the movie so you know a bit more. Spoiler alerts in the video above though!

Source: IMDB, JapanToday