Many news sites reports that Microsofts Auto-install of Windows 10 is getting many complaints. China claims that Microsoft is abusing its posistion and many are frustrated over Microsoft’s agressive Windows 10 tactics.

The company naturally want as many as possible to install their new Windows version. Especially important is to be able to get into the mobile market again, but maybe Microsoft have been to agressive?

Nevertheless, Microsoft has now probably gone too far with a deployment strategy that gets many computer literate as well as PC-fresh, to scratch their heads.

For why installed OS apparently all by itself, even when the update hassle to have been disabled!? This is extremely negative, especially when people play some nice games or how about this weather presenter from KCCI 8 News, who got an live update from Microsoft while she presented the weather. Now that must have been really embarrising and frustrating at the same time.1

Microsoft should take action before it becomes a PR disaster
Microsoft has not responded to questions from anyone regarding this. Seems like they like that people gets abused like this. But they should say something or even Do something about this or it will end in an disaster that Microsoft doesn’t want to happen.

Many alternatives to Choose

There are so many alternatives to Microsoft Windows operating system and Apples MacOSX that could have changed the whole computing history if people dare to take action!


Haiku, BeOS
Developed by: Haiku Community


Haiku is the name of a new BeOS operating system that has become a totally free operating system. It saw the light of day in 2001 as OpenBeOS, then changed name to Haiku in 2004. But the biggest changes didn’t arrive until September 14th 2009 when the first official test version of the operating system was released.

The aim of Haiku is to give the best from BeOS and develope it further. Haiku is both binary compatible and source code compatible with BeOS. This means that applications compiled for BeOS, could run easily on Haiku as well as BeOS-applications can be compiled on Haiku without changes.

The current name comes from the Japanese poetry form Haiku. The name was chosen after a poll, part of the reason for the choice of name was that the browser BeOS presented error messages like Haiku.


This operating system is for sure a challenger to Windows if it only got more users. Nice GUI and easy way to understand makes it a eyecatcher. It also got elements from AmigaOS but at the same time runs on x86 hardware.


Developed by: QNX BlackBerry Ltd in USA

QNX is a commercial Unix-like real-time operating system, aimed primarily at the embedded systems market. The product was originally developed in the early 1980s by Canadian company Quantum Software Systems, later renamed QNX Software Systems and ultimately acquired by BlackBerry in 2010. QNX had also long time discussion about becoming the nextgen AmigaOS.

QNX is one of the first commercially successful microkernel operating systems and is used in a variety of devices including cars and mobile phones. QNX is fast, effective and used in hospitals etc because of its stability. There is really no other operating system that is so stable than this. Even BlackBerry that name it as BlackBerry OS 10 uses it for some of their mobile phones. It is said to be the most stable mobile OS together with Jolla’s Sailfish OS.


Developed by: MorphOS Team in Germany


Available for almost every Mac hardware with ATI graphics cards and other Amiga PPC hardware motherboards. MorphOS is a really small but amazingly fast operating system. Today, beside AmigaOS. MorphOS must be said to be one of world’s fastest operating system on any hardware. Just comparing the OS with MacOSX on very same hardware. You can play 720p HD video on an old iBook G4 1.33GHz from Apple!

MorphOS isn’t the most secure operating system yet. It got its flaws, but when you see all of the software that exists for it. Then you will get a quite shock. This operating system also got the most updated browser in the Amigaworld. There are many projects and for sure if you loved AmigaOS, you will also love MorphOS.

If you got a PowerPC Mac. Distrita would for sure recommend MorphOS!


AmigaOS 4
Developed by: Hyperion Entertainment in Belgium

Available only for PowerPC hardware. No Mac support yet. Nice OS,.. got many of the MorphOS features. But it does actually got a AmiStore where you can purchase Amiga software. The operating system is competing with MorphOS in the Amigaworld. Got some really nice software like MorphOS and that pushes developers to make better and better software.


AmigaOS 4 is also fast, but not as fast as MorphOS. It also reminds more of the old AmigaOS from Commodore where all Prefs is in Workbench dir. This operating system is nice example of nostalgia just keeping going on.

Distrita Score
  • Haiku
  • QNX
  • MorphOS
  • AmigaOS 4


If you want to get ridd of Windows or MacOSX, then you have many alternatives! But they need to get developers, users and people who really can push them forward. Our alternative guide is ment for you to get to know them more. Search for them and read more about the alternatives They do deserve to be tried out!