simcitynewsSim City game is known for be one of the best city simulation-build game ever made. With its popularity on Amiga, Sim City continued its journey with releases of Sim City 2000, Sim City 3, Sim City 4 and now the latest Sim City game which prevents you to play the game if you’re not on-line.

Maxis and EA requires that you need to have a Internet connection, to be able to play the game. There is still no plans by EA or Maxis to release a patch so it can be played on the plane, train or boats without Internet connection.

Something not so good have hit Maxis, which puts the game back in time. Another issue is that you’re cities cant be as big as you want them to be. Its sad, but at the same time. SimCity 4 still have lots of MOD’s that makes that game ten times better than the newest one.

There is also alternatives to SimCity, but they focus more on transport like Cities In Motion 2, which you purchase on Steam even. There is also OpenTTD, which is an open source version of Transport Tycoon game. It’s old, but old have it charm too. The hand drawn vehicles, trees and roads is really stunning.

Distrita hopes that EA re-thinks their mission for latest Sim City game. Because gaming is about be able to have fun, not some needs that might not even be reachable and destroys the gaming experience.