Something really Awesome is going on in New York. A totally new Light Rail Network is under construction from 2024, which will be completed in 2029. That’s fantastic! Trams or Streetcars will once again run on the streets of New York!

Mr Bill de Blasio announced Everything on August 30th 2018

The interesting and quite surprising news, came from the Mayor of New York City. Mr Bill de Blasio gave an announced on August 30th 2018, that the light rail project is now becoming an reality for New Yorkers by 2029.

This totally new Light Rail line in New York line will be 17.7km long. It will follow the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront. It won’t run on the Manhattan island but on the east side of it. Which is an area that isn’t served as it should currently.

Light Rail will link areas that isn’t well reached by the New York subway network

The subway network in New York is really huge. But in this area it doesn’t reach it very well. So, the plans is now is will enter it’s construction start in 2024.

When this new Light Rail route is finished. It will link Astoria in the north with Gowanus in the south via Queensbridge, Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights and Red Hook. An LRV depot would need to be constructed with capacity to stable 40 vehicles.

Once a time, New York had a huge tram network before they switched to subway. This lead to roads getting way more lanes. The New York mayors thought that by adding more lanes, the queues would vanish for good. But as the city grew year by year. New York became a mess like with more and more cars. So, it is good to see that this metropolice city is doing actions against finally.

This Light Rail Network should be up and running Now, not in 2029

Yes! This is awesome news for people in New York. But to wait 10 years to see it running in New York is really long time. If New York wants to fix its traffic issues is to ban most of the car lanes and introduce trams again to the city where the subway lines cannot reach.

New York such an perfect construction of its streets that to build Light Rail even on Manhattan would be perfect for the city. Trams is the most environment friendly transport option in the world and New York should have kept them for sure.

We congratulate New York anyway. May this Light Rail project bring a Much bigger light rail network in the end.

For way more info about this light rail network project and more. Please visit Rail Journal website, which describes way more details about the speed that the light rail wagons will and more.

Thanks to those that gave us the info about this new light rail route information and link to a nice source to write something from. I really appreciate when people help out. You’re awesome!


Source: Rail Journal and Distrita info Contributors on Facebook