What if you need to flush yourself when walking around in Tokyo, Japan? There are several options. But now there is something new in this remarkable Japanese town. Now Transparent Toilets is introduced in Tokyo as a new thing and it works! They look stunning in my view!

These new transparent toilets are all part of a new initiative run by The Nippon Foundation called ‘Tokyo Toilet Project‘. You can find these new transparent toilets in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. They are designed to allow users to see inside before using them to check that they are clean and safe.

In the video above you can see that when you lock the door though, the glass instantly turns non-transparent and you can then use the facility in complete privacy!

When the toilet is opaque then the toilet is occupied by someone. It is totally a Genius type of toilet design for sure as you can’t enter an occupied toilet that easily. The opaque glass turns on when you lock the door instantly. Click on the door lock at opaque non-transparent the glass becomes.

Cities around the world should invest in this Transparent Toilet

There are two concerns with public toilets, especially those located in parks. The first is whether it is clean inside, and the second is that no one is secretly waiting inside. Using a new technology, we made the outer walls with glass that becomes opaque when the lock is closed, so that a person can check inside before entering. At night, they light up the parks like a beautiful lantern.

This type of transparent toilets with futuristic technology would benefit any bigger city out there. People wouldn’t dare to make it look dirty as everyone can see who enters and leaves the toilet. A fantastic gift to these times with Wuhan viruses everywhere.

Oslo in Norway is a capital that would benefit from having them. Oslo got some public toilets in the city center but they often smell and look bad inside.

The toilets are located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. The Nippon Foundation has decided to renovate 17 public toilets located in Shibuya, Tokyo, in cooperation with the Shibuya City government. With the transparent one is an eye-catcher at the moment.

These public toilets in the Shibuya city district of Tokyo are being designed by 16 leading creators and use advanced design to make them accessible for everyone regardless of gender, age, or disability, to demonstrate the possibilities of an inclusive society. 

What do you think of the new transparent toilets that become non-transparent when you use them? I think it is a very good idea.

You can check all of the public toilets in Shibuya Tokyo city district here

List of Toilet Names, Locations, and Creators

Toilet NameAddressCreator(s)Scheduled Completion
Jingu-Dori Park6-22-8 JingumaeTadao AndoSept. 7, 2020
Yoyogi-Hachiman5-1-2 YoyogiToyo Ito2021 (tentative)
Hiroo East Park4-2-27 HirooTomohito Ushiro2021 (tentative)
Ebisu Park1-19-1 Ebisu-NishiMasamichi Katayama WonderwallJuly 31, 2020*Available for use from Aug. 5
Nabeshima Shoto Park2-10-7 ShotoKengo Kuma2021 (tentative)
Sasazuka GreenwaySasazuka 1-chome, ShibuyaJunko Kobayashi
Gondola Architects
2021 (tentative)
Nishihara Itchome Park1-29-1 NishiharaTakenosuke SakakuraAug. 31, 2020
Ebisu Station, West Exit1-5-8 Ebisu-MinamiKashiwa Sato2021 (tentative)
Namikibashi1-27-22 HigashiKazoo Sato2021 (tentative)
Higashi Sanchome3-27-1 HigashiNao TamuraAug. 7, 2020
Jingumae1-3-14 JingumaeNIGO®2021 (tentative)
Urasando4-28-1 SendagayaMarc Newson2021 (tentative)
Yoyogi Fukamachi Mini Park1-54-1 TomigayaShigeru Ban*creator for two locations in same vicinityJuly 31, 2020*Available for use from Aug. 5
Haru-no-Ogawa Community Park5-68-1 YoyogiShigeru Ban*creator for two locations in same vicinityJuly 31, 2020*Available for use from Aug. 5
Nishisando3-27-1 YoyogiSou Fujimoto2021 (tentative)
Hatagaya3-37-8 HatagayaUTokyo DLX Design Lab Miles Pennington2021 (tentative)
Ebisu East Park1-2-16 EbisuFumihiko MakiAug. 7, 2020

Source: nippon-foundation.or.jp