New times ahead for the population of this city in USA! A new tram line just opened in Phoenix! Finally the public transportation service on the 21st of May 2022.

Arizona is a state that is a bit underrated. The location of the state is a bit hard to find. It is located in the middle between California and New Mexico. The population is only 7.1 million with Phoenix being the capital and the largest city in the state. The capital got 1.6 million, which means that this city deserves to have a nice public transportation service.

Here is the Map of the Phoenix Tempe Tram Service

This is a fantastic new service for the Downtown Tempe area of Phoenix city with 14 New stops that can be used right now.

USA is known for being a country with millions using cars. Therefore its really nice to see every effort in shrinking car usage as a great sign for the environment and the people living in Phoenix.

The tram reaches the Light Rail Metro line at Dorsey / Apache Blvd and at 3rd St / Mill Avenue stations. There are currently 5 trains operating that are 75% low-floor, got aircondition and they do run on battery only when needed at the Mill Avenue with lots of lovely palm trees that the city preserve.

It is fantastic to see Phoenix and its Tempe area to get a tram service. Tempe Streetcar is what the town needed.

Free Tram Rides For A Year

To get people to use the tram. The government of the city decided that all of the tram rides is free for a year. This means that travelling between all of the 14 stations is for free.

The service at the moment is capable of reaching stations every 20 minutes during the time that the trams are operating.

I am really excited to see that Phoenix is baldly doing this. All of the major streets that supports such tram line should have one in the city I think. With a population of 1.6 million people.

Phoenix can do a lot to reduce car usage. This is a right step for the town and its people will breath more. Together with the Light Rail Metro service. The public transportation network reaches 4.2 million people.

In 2024 a branch of the Light Rail Metro network will be operating. That service will reach Baseline Road in the south. Also 3rd Avenue Loop is also getting done. The Airport People Mover is also getting an extension.