New Norwegian pop artist gets help from Aha-member

UNDO MY HEART is the debut-album by new Norwegian pop artist Tini, a mixture of classic melodic pop and singer/songwriter with a distinct nordic flavour, and with TINIs uniquely beautiful voice in front.

TINI has spent the last two years in Kensaltown Studios in London together with the VoxWatch team, developing her distinct and emotive brand of music.

The result is ‘UNDO MY HEART’, a fantastic debut-album full of hi-quality material that showcases TINI’s talent both as a singer and a songwriter. She has got lots of help from Magne Furuholmen, one of the members of the old pop group A-ha, that found her when is was a jugdge in the Norwegian version of X Factor. We like her music, and wanted to feature her here on Distrita! What do you think!?