Ruter, the company of the metro, tram and bus network in Oslo, Norway opened Løren station at 15.08 today! This station now connects Vestli people in the far east of Oslo, together with Nydalen. It also gives people which likes to watch soccer at Ullevål Stadion, a much faster way to get to Økern or Vestli. Now you can choose to either take the metro thru the center tunnel or bypass Nydalen if you want to reach Økern from Majorstuen station etc!

Read also about Line 3, that have been opened fully! Now it runs all the way from Kolsås to Mortensrud!

Oslo Metro waffle
Løren station -: Free waffles like this was served at the station for everyone

Speeches and Musical concert underground
Before the official opening, there was many speeches and musical events at the station. Many information posters standing everywhere at the station also and Ruter workers were there to gladly talk about a better public transportation future for Oslo people. There was also free Norwegian waffels and hot dogs for people. Children had their own drawing contest and there was arranged games for childre which could win prices etc.

Now Oslo got a totally new map. Just look at it here!
Metro map of Oslo

New Oslo map for Everyone
So, now. Either you want to go east or west from Nationaltheateret. You can reach Økern or any of the stations towards Vestli. If  you take Line 4 which goes thru the circle, it will meet line 5 at Økern metro station always. The map might be a bit difficult to understand just now, but it always takes time for people to get used to new routines.

Also a worth mentioning is that there are huge changes for bus routes also. Read more about this on website

Distrita was at the event. Exclusive photos!
Here is some of my photos from the event at Løren station, which is infact Oslo’s most deepest station ever made underground. The station have many interesting design choices, however some parts of it should also get a design lift.

Løren Metro station
Løren station -: Many speaches about Oslo transport future and music from the stage


Løren Metro station
Løren station -: Metro waiting for departure at 15.08


Løren Metro station
Løren station -: I hope that they will give the concrete something more to look at


Løren Metro station
Løren station -: Crowded event. Politicians, media and interested people came


Løren Metro station
Løren station -: The light blue color makes this station more interesting


Løren Metro station
Løren station -: You need to take 3 escalators to get down to the metro station itself


Løren Metro station
Løren station -: Nice lookin tunnel I think


Løren Metro station
Løren station -: Flowers inside of the 101 numbered wagon. Line 4 runs now thru Løren station in both directions.

With Oslo getting more and more people, the Oslo town needs to extend its public transportation. The plans for building more metro, tram and train lines is huge. Ruter wants to build yet another tunnel that goes thru the city center, but also wants to see a new tunnel for the local trains. The trams should have a new main station at Bryn also, just look at the futuristic map just below.

Ruter Oslo Future Plan