Before the internet age, a memcard was really expensive to buy or even get. But now, You get many gigs for less than a meal at a pizza restaurant here in Norway even (yes, we are living in worlds most expensive country). However, there are many memcard types and microSD is one of the smallest standard memcards. But now!.. Samsung tries to push UFS into the market.

UFS stands for Universal Flash Storage and it is this standard that Samsung now wants to push forward. Now they have launched world’s first UFS cards with capacity of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Speed is Essential here!
UFS cards have a sequential read speed of 530 megabytes per second. That’s five times faster than the best microSD cards. But will it be able to compete in price against microSD? There are so many devices and gadgets that still uses microSD. So, is there room for another one?

While a UHS-1 microSD cards can use upto 50 seconds to read a full-HD movies in 5 gigabytes, UFS does this in only ten seconds, says Samsung.

Much faster than microSD
Not only is the read speed faster, but also the write speed. UFS will manage to go to 170 megabytes per second, while the fastest microSD cards can reach 100 megabytes per second.

Samsung also says that speed is essential to meet the requirements of the future, with high-resolution footage from smartphones, action cameras, drones and 360 degree cameras.

When these cards may be found in devices remains unclear, but you should not ignore that you will see support for them in the company’s Galaxy mobiles. Distrita however thinks it will be hard, but with right price it might compete.

Good luck to Samsung!

The Verge