New MediatorPCI for Amiga 4000 gives you PCI expansions

Elbox are pleased to inform about new version of the Mediator 4000D!  This is a PCI expansion card for classic Amiga! It allows classic Amiga machines like the one this is for to have more modern graphic cards, sound cards and even USB cards. Mediator 4000D is for the desktop version of Amiga 4000.

Here is a picture of how Mediator PCI 4000D 3V MK-II looks!

MediatorPCI Amiga

Mediator PCI 4000D 3V MK-III is a busboard for the Amiga 4000D motherboard installed in the tower case. Mediator PCI 4000D 3V MK-III is equipped with five PCI 2.2 slots and seven Zorro III/II slots (one of them used by the Mediator 4000 Core Logic card). It allows to use the wider range of the PCI cards, including cards which require 3.3V power rail.

You can order it here!



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