In most of the European cities where Light Rail aka LRT systems is built. They are constructed on the ground on the same level as the cars. But this seems to not be the case in Asia. Thailand and Malaysia got several LRT lines and all of them are built mostly on bridges above the traffic. And now the capital of Indonesia is following up… Jakarta LRT is here!

New Jakarta LRT Line reaching Velodrome

New Jakarta LRT Line reaching Velodrome

Map of the very first Jakarta LRT line

Light Rail in Jakarta, Indonesia is Now Open

Between Kalapa Gading Mall and Velodrome, there is a completely new LRT line that is opened for the public to ride. At the moment this new line is only served by two wagon sets. This LRT line will soon reach Pegangsaan Dua and in the distant future, this line will also connect with the new Jakarta Subway at Jakartakota/Kota.

LRT Jakarta is now running on its very first 5.8 km section which was scheduled to open in time for the 2018 Asian Games. But it was delayed. I guess building such system entirely on bridges is a good reason why the opening of this line was pushed until 11th of June 2019.

All of the LRT line runs only on bridges. Even the LRT depot is built up by several bridges. This project must have cost a lot more than if they built it on the street level. It looks really nice and modern but it also seems a bit boring to ride. It is for sure an efficient way of getting from A to B in Jakarta as it doesn’t get stuck in the terrible traffic. But Indonesia got so much nice design on their national clothes etc. Would be nice if they put a bit of magic into the design.

Make sure it is clean all the Time!

I really love the passion that the company got for how their stations should look. That they should always be clean. But I also think that washing the station at all times is a bit overkill? Indonesians seem to like doing that.

Also all of the security people? Is that needed? You can see them everywhere in the video above. I understand that this line is new and its something that should shine. But don’t overdo it, please.

Overall this new LRT system and the new Subway in Jakarta, Indonesia gives the city more air the breath. The streets are all very overcrowded so to get a new railway system like this is wise. Driving in Indonesia is something that isn’t recommended. Everyone got cars, mopeds or motorcycles. This move to open new railway lines in the city will for sure in the end make people chose to travel the greenway.


Source: Urbanrail, YouTube