The chips market is a popular market worldwide, but fortunately there are other providers than just Lays, although they exist almost everywhere! And people are looking for more exclusive gourmet chips as well!

We are often a bit sceptical to new goodies as many of the flavors are dissapointing and can’t compete with the already existing on the market! But when “Popped chips” (“Poppa Chips” in Norwegian), we decided to try it out!

The bag lets you get a feeling of something different than just basic chips! Something more like a gourmet feeling! We like the design! It comes in 2 different flavors!

The red edition in Review

We tried the spanish paprika version that is stored in a red bag. It says: 55% less fat – with Spanish Paprika and Herbs… Not fried, only popped!

Poppa Gourmet Chips with a gourmet twist

I must admit it was a bit different than regular chips. It is a bit thicker and you can think you have a bite of cookies… But wait a moment! After chewing it for a second you can recognize the paprika and herbs… And after taking some more of it, you feel addicted – just like with regular chips!

We actually think this can be a product that can survive in a tough chips market – because it feels different, a bit healthier but the taste is recognizable. And who doesn’t like that it contains 55% less fat? We try to avoid fried food. The pressure and heating method of the “Popped chips” make them super chrispy, and it feels like the product gets more air and regular, dry chips!

Popped, not fried!

The “Poppa Chips” is made by Sørlandschips and contains 1778 kJ of Energy, 14 gram fat, 6 gram protein and 3,3 gram salt – all per 100 gram according to the content description.

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