A Coke with less sugar and stevia was launched after five years of research on June 2013 in Argentina, with Chile following in November 2013. For those which drinks coke a lot, this is good news. However is still contains 6% sugar and 19% sugar from steria plant.

Green Coca-Cola Life bottle

Later, Coca-Cola Life has been launched in the United Kingdom in August 2014. In Ireland it was out on December 2014, but in Coca-Cola’s home country United States this Coca-Cola version came quite late. It came in September 2014, but was also released in Mexico and Sweden in the same month.

After that it was a bit speculations, but Coca-Cola Life was finally also released in Belgium, France, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway since January 2015. In February 2015, Switzerland got it and in March also Japan got this new refreshment.

Oceania got it in April 2015

Still lots of countries doesn’t have Coca-Cola Life. Maybe Coca-Cola is measuring the market still? What is the mind behind this strategy to release in these countries and not in other countries? Anyway. Finally in April 2015, Coca-Cola Life was also launched in Australia and New Zealand.

People approve Coca Cola Life taste all over the world

It seems to me that Coca-Cola wants to see if people likes their new drink. However! It is interesting that there is almost no adverts of this product on TV. Maybe Coca-Cola used to much on their Coca-Cola Zero, which I find very odd since it tastes not so great I think. Pepsi Max is still a bit better if you want to choose a soda without sugar at all. But Coca-Cola Life is quite impressive when it comes to the taste. It’s only after few drinks that you feel the stevia taste and it actually makes your day easier. Normal Coca-Cola feels a bit odd compared now.

Design of the Bottle

While the normal Coca-Cola is red and Zero is black. Coca-Cola have chosen to give this steria and sugar drink a greenish colour. Which is quite nice, especially when taking photo of it with the trees in background. It feels a bit more fresh indeed and we are sure that this soda will be launched in even more countries, but Coca-Cola never gives out information before they actually launch something.

Hope that your country will be the best, or go on a trip to your neighbour country and try it out. The taste is quite good indeed.

Update: Coca-Cola Life is no more available in Norwegian stores. This soda from Coca-Cola Company should have been available for much longer. It was a very good choice for people wanting something else than regular Coca-Cola and those that didn’t like Coca-Cola Light or Coca-Cola Zero. Coca-Cola Company seems to have made some very strange decisions lately. Where will this go?