New CAF trams for Oslo capacity is 220 passengers 1
The official design that CAF Urbos will have in Oslo, Norway

CAF is delivering new trams and light rail trams to the capital of Norway. These new trams are coming from the same company that has delivered light rail trams to Mauritius and will also deliver new ones to Lund in Sweden. This is the very first trams in Oslo that will be able to take 220 passengers (which is 8 more than the SL95 trams from Italy).

These CAF Urbos trams will be supplied to Sporveien and run by the urban public transport operator Ruter. The maximum speed is 70 km/h and they are 34 meters in length which also will make them the longest trams to ever run on the streets of Oslo. This 5-module, fully low-floor trams are part of the Urbos range manufactured by CAF that the company is known for, so this is looking very positive.

The design is really nice we think. Distrita was at the presentation of the design and they will improve the look of the capitals tram network for sure. But now we wanted to go more in-depth for you.

New CAF trams for Oslo capacity is 220 passengers 2
The nose is cute and at the same time futuristic. Oslo tram will never be the same soon!

Winter weather compatible CAF Urbos trams for Oslo

The stylish and quite interesting tram design includes special features to withstand the demanding weather conditions such as leaf falling down from trees, snow, and ice that are typical of Norway. They will also include state-of-the-art systems such as the head-up display, anti-collision radar, WiFi on all trams, USB chargers and double-sided passenger information display systems.

The feature list of what the new Oslo trams will have

  • Cab air conditioning
  • Passenger saloon air conditioning
  • Audio-visual passenger information
  • Event Recorder (black box)
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Head up display

The Urbos range of vehicles from CAF intended for Oslo is intended to reduce their environmental impact throughout their entire useful life. So these new trams for Oslo are all about their design, manufacture, energy consumption and their recyclability. They really seem to be the first good buy done by Oslo’s public transportation company together with the politicians giving a green light for this order.

New CAF trams for Oslo capacity is 220 passengers 3
The design is unique and cool. Oslo needs this!

In February, the very first tram will arrive in Oslo and then Distrita will try revealing it to you on the go and putting up a nice article to read about it.

Source: Oslo Tram on CAF website