On 06.10.2017 (6th of October 2017), Harrison Ford will be back in this epic sequel of world’s most loved sci-fi movies of all time. Warner Bros. Pirctures presents the next movie in an epic trailer that is found its way to YouTube. This epic sci-fi universe sequel, is called Blade Runner 2049 and it looks as if it will be as epic as the first one which is many years old now. With Vangelis music, the first movie have one of the most epic soundtracks for any movie we think etc.

Watch the Blade Runner 2049 Trailer here

Known actors back in this Dystopic Sci-Fi future Movie
Harrison Ford is back! As with his nice comeback in the previous Star Wars movie, he is one of the most respected actors out there. Together with Ryan Gosling, they will move the Blade Runner story together. The trailer is pretty mystic for now, and I am one of those that won’t write so much about the story until the movie is here. However, to see the same dark city views makes me think that this sequel will be a good one. Also the music seems to fit the theme.

Ohh boy! 2017 will be a much happier Year now! Blade Runner 2049 is just one of those things making 2017 a much, much happier year than 2016!