New Bike road with bike-only crossings in Norway 1

Bike highways is a new thing to build in Norway. These are bigger bike roads with a yellow stripe in the middle to divide right and left lane. But now these have been taken to new heights. Now they also have bike-only crossings too like this new bike road between Stavanger and Sandnes in Norway.

I have to admit it. I love to bike anywhere and I am really into new city environments for cyclists in any country that I visit. For example in the Netherlands and Denmark. The governments have always been really active at building great bike-only roads. In Norway, this is another story, but now in 2020 things are changing for the better.

As seen in the video above, this new bike highway between Stavanger and Sandnes is now partly opened. In 2021 it will be completed and then the travel time between these cities will be reduced for those that love to get some extra exercise to work or just for fun.

Norway’s most Interesting cycle path

No pedestrians are said to not be allowed to walk here, but I think that Norwegians will walk here anyway. The newest bike highway is called Sykkelstamvegen in Norwegian. The very first section between Asser Jåttens vei in Stavanger and Sandnes border was opened on the 2nd of September 2020.

New Bike road with bike-only crossings in Norway 2

The very first stretch of this bike-road was all opened by the Minister of Transport Knut Arild Hareide who cut the cord and opened this bike highway road, together with development director Kjell Inge Davik in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and county mayor Marianne Chesak.

The whole project been questioned by many but finally it is done. Do you think that constructing something like this is worthy?

Following bike nations such with this bike highway construction

In the Netherlands and Denmark, this type of road is usual but in Norway not so. Especially bike highways with bike only crossings. Expensive, but worthy to be built.

Even though this is a expensive road to build, it is politicians hope that the health of people in this part of Norway will get better. Stavanger and Sandnes should have had a light rail system long time ago, but all the discussions have lead to nothing.

The safe main road for cyclists is Important

This new bike-road is not like a normal cycle path. It is a high-standard cycle highway, where cyclists do not come into conflict with people walking or cars.

On this bike highway, you can cycle quickly and safely with your bike. It is fantastic to see a project like this in real life come to life in Norway! When the entire Sykkelstamvegen bike highway is finished, it will be a remarkable experience to cycle between Stavanger and Sandnes, said Marianne Chesak.

New Bike road with bike-only crossings in Norway 3

Soon you can cycle 30 minutes between Stavanger and Sandnes

The bike highway road will be a total of 13 kilometers long and runs between Stavanger and Sandnes to Forus. The newly opened stretch is almost 4 kilometers.

In a few months, the entire stretch will be completed, and the travel time by bicycle between Stavanger and Forus can be halved from 30 minutes to just a quarter of an hour. And the next build could be a light rail line on the other side of the highway?

The year is 2020 and it is time to replace the car with green alternatives. Stavanger and Sandnes is behind most of the cities in the same sizes in Europe when it comes to having green transportation solutions. It is a vital time for a change in this area of Norway. Finally, something is done. But way more must be done!

Source: Syklistene Nord-Jæren on YouTube

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