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There are new rules reported to be activated in this press release from today 23rd of January (23.01.2020) regarding baggage that you can take with you on the Norwegian airplanes. Now you need to pay for the hand luggage when you travel. We have gathered all of the info that you need to know regarding this change.

The new Norwegian airline Baggage Rules

Now you can take a small hand luggage that can fit under the front seat of a maximum of 10 kilos. If you want to bring extra luggage to your luggage rack, you must now purchase it as well or choose another ticket type.

Extra hand luggage can be booked up to four hours before departure. The price of extra luggage varies depending on flight, but will for example cost 50 NOK if you travel domestically and within Scandinavia, and 90 NOK for intercontinental travel. So now this ticket type makes it more expensive if you bring bigger baggage than 10 kilo. With this ticket type you are forced to plan a little bit more before travelling somewhere with the Norwegian airlines.

LowFare +
This type of ticket includes a small hand luggage that fits under the front seat and a small trolley case for the luggage rack. The total weight of the hand luggage at max can be 10 kilos. If it becomes full in the luggage shelves, you may be asked to check in your luggage in the street for free.

If you want to be assured of carrying all your luggage on board, you can purchase Priority Boarding as well, thus being one of the first to board the aircraft. In addition, you can check in a package of 23 kilos. There is no extra hand baggage cost in this type of ticket. 

Flex and Premium
For this type of a ticket, a small hand luggage that fits under the front seat and a small trolley case for the hat shelf is included. The total weight of the hand luggage is 15 kilos. In addition, you can check in two packages of 23 kilos each. In these two ticket types there are no extra costs but both of them are quite expensive.

picturesource: Norwegian press release – Picture above showing what you can take from 23rd of January 2020

Overhead cabinbag is not allowed when using the LowFare ticket

All of the information about the new baggage rules is released in their press release that you can find here. It is all in Norwegian so we wanted to share this with all of you. In order to ensure that all travelers of Norwegian airline get as smooth and comfortable a journey as possible, and to help even more planes go on route, Norwegian cabin baggage rules change.

All of this is from the latest press release from the airline, but does this mean that Norwegian airlines are often delayed? Or is it only words for increasing the prices? Now we know that the cheapest ticket only allows 10 kg as its max weight that can be used as a underseat bag. With the LowFare ticket, you’re not allowed to put your baggage in the overhead cabinbag at all. But when purchase LowFlare+ or Flex & Premium tickets this is ok.

This change is for all tickets bought from the Norwegian website. Good flight and remember to take only what you need with you when you buy the cheapest ticket type from now on.

Source: Norwegian Press Release – Photo: Norwegian