New Anti-Piracy Law in Australia

There is for sure a Anti-Piracy law war that is going on. Some countries takes it more serious than others, and Australia is now proposing to take it even further!

A new Anti-Piracy law affecting Google

Australia wants to end piracy, by taking a new Anti-Piracy law into action in the country. They have already a quite extensive Anti-Piracy law since 2015. But that seems to not be enough!:

Section 115a of Australia’s Copyright Act allows copyright holders to apply for injunctions that force ISPs to prevent subscribers from accessing ‘overseas online locations’ that facilitate access to infringing content.

The legislation has been used on a number of occasions since its adoption in 2015 and as a result, dozens of notorious pirate sites are now inaccessible via regular means. However, pirate sites are often quick to adapt, with mirrors, proxies and other sites popping up to reactivate access.

That was the previous law. Now, this law has been taken further. The new law is trying to affect Google searches.  Australia now wants Google to erase all of the sites with infringing content. The government simply wants the content to not be found.

Google in particular – provide a handy reference guide for those looking for these kinds of resources. The entertainment industries are therefore keen to plug this loophole, to ensure that their web-blocking efforts are as effective as possible. That has resulted in the publication today of proposed amendments to copyright law.

Internet freedom is more and more controlled

In a well maintained country like Australia. You would think that people can be more free. But instead. The government tries to censorship what people can search. In the beginning of the Internet era, the idea behind Internet was that everyone should have the right to search info on the web.

If this law was made in a democratic way. Now that would be understandable. But when the government just propose a law that shrinks the independence of Internet. Then its something wrong. But this is not only happening in Australia. Its happening everywhere. The Anti-Piracy campaigns simply decreases the Internet freedom more and more. If only people understood this and started to protest!


Source: TorrentFreak