We want to support inspiring artists, painters, and freelancers that have a big passion for their talent. Everyone deserves to be able to use their talents, and if we can help them to make a living out of it, we have succeeded. Inspiring artists are welcome to promote their own content for free. Today we are going to present Zahra Hashemi, one amazing art designer that will inspire you in 2020.

Zahra Hashemi

Meet Zahra Hashemi. She has been painting since she was 18 years of age. She works in acrylic, oil and watercolor while she explores other mediums. She works in impression, expression, collage, drawing, portraits, and caricature at the present. An incredibly talented young woman who can showcase a variety of styles. Her use of color is bright and explosive, her attention to detail and use of subtle and not so subtle shading to bring about a variety of effects will capture your imagination. The eyes are haunting and imploring leaving you a world of imagination of what they are conveying.

Zahra’s e-mail: [email protected]