Shipwreck Beach, better known as Navagio, is regarded as the best beach in the world. It is located in an almost hidden area of the Ionian Sea, on the island of Zakynthos, where its strategic geographic location, carved from huge blocks of granite by the wise freak of nature mother, become a paradise and a great tourist attraction in Greece. The beach is known for its privacy, as well as an ideal place to enjoy the crystal clear waters and tranquil atmosphere, the warm Mediterranean air and sand, pale and smooth as elsewhere


The romantic Santorini.

Santoríni, a city of a magical appeal. Upright on an archipelago of great natural beauty formed by remnants of volcanic formations and the southern Aegean region, is another major destinations in Greece. Santorini is very popular for several reasons, especially for its buildings almost surreal, offering views (perfect for watching the sunset) and for its tourist attractions, it is full of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The image you see on the cover of this publication is of a summer afternoon in Santorini, but the romantic evening in the region is masterful.