On our sister site Disvida, you can find some very cool Discovery Channel ident’s from the 90’s like this intro section for the channel. At that time there was no YouTub or Patreon. The net revolution just began. Natsuki wouldn’t have chance getting famous. But Discovery Channel was unique at that time. Discovery gave us the viewers a special moment. From the time it went on at 17.00 in evening until 01.00, Viewers learned something by watching Discovery in the 90’s.

Discovery Channel should Teach it’s Viewers Again

Now in 2018! Discovery Channel as many TV channels like MTV have just become money for CEO’s of the channels. These TV channels simply doesn’t bring any sense anymore. Discovery Channel should be about explorations, nature, science and human evolution.

Except for a little bit of science shows, Discovery Channel doesn’t educate me. I loved watching Discovery Channel back in the days, because They educated me. Not like now. And so we can thank individuals like Chris Broad which is doing his Abroad In Japan channel on YouTube. He just nails everything about how to do a documentary.

Individual YouTuber’s Does what Discovery Should do

Yes, this documentary is all about a Natsuki is doing everything right. Natsuki have managed to become a Japanese YouTube phenomenon thru Abroad In Japan. But that’s not all. His humouristic way of speak English and the way his personality is. Is what made more and more people love him.

Chris, which is an excellent video editing skilled person. Managed to document Natsuki’s life in Japan in a brilliant way. This is a top notch documentary with funding’s from his Patreon site.

This production level is for sure at Discovery Channel level. How is a person like Natsuki surviving in a Japan that is really strict in living. He is one of those that is pretty loose. He goes to bars, he loves British stuff and he eager to see what’s here and there. He works much more compared to most of Europeans but he got a spirit that Many in Japan doesn’t seem to have. A very interesting and educational documentary about Natsuki for sure. We embedded it for You below here. Enjoy watching it.

Natsuki The Movie is a Amazing Life in Japan Documentary

All we can say at the end. Television and Interenet should merge. Its amazing to see individuals that manages to create high quality documentaries. This film about Natsuki is a brilliant example. Lovely! And do support him. Distrita urge people to help such brilliant people.