asteroideThe asteroid Apophis will pass close to Earth in 2029 and 2036, and could hit Earth in 2068, say Experts of Laboratory of Propulsion reactive of the NASA, of the University of Hawaii and the University of Pisa.

However, the probability of occurrence is 2.3 between one million.

Scientists warned that the rapprochement of Apophis, about 270 meters in diameter, can change the orbit of heavenly body, possibly causing subsequent collision with the Earth.

In discussing how to change the orbit of the asteroid after approach to our planet in 2029, scientists identified over twenty holes in the atmosphere that would make possible the doomsday scenario.

In response, space scientists around the world are developing various projects to avoid the possible catastrophe.

Among the solutions is the use of nuclear weapons to destroy the asteroid when it still is at a safe distance from the planet.