Logitech is a well-known keyboard and mouse producer for many types of computers such as Amiga, Mac, and PC. They have created many types that spans all types of price ranges.

They produce very affordable products and also premium ones. The MX series from Logitech is one of their more expensive products. So I wanted to test them for a few weeks to see if these products from Logitech are any good. I contacted Logitech here in Norway saying that I wanted to review their MX Keys and MX Master 3 for not just Mac and PC but also for Amiga.

I didn’t expect to get any feedback, but a very nice person contacted me back telling me to pick up my testing items. I was in heaven! So, I wrote a fast MorphOS review for about 4 weeks ago on Amitopia. I kept on testing these products until today for the main review here.

What sort of Keyboard and Mouse do you need?

Most of the people don’t know about what sort of mouse or keyboard you should use with your computer. You maybe think that an affordable keyboard is enough because it is cheap when you buy it. But the fact is that you should try out lots of keyboards to see if it fits your fingers. A keyboard should be fast to type on. Your fingers should never hurt when writing and it should be responsive to your touch. That is something which most of the older people forget. Or when you as the son looking for keyboards for them should take them with you so they can test.

Good keyboards are a Must-have. But the same thing goes for the mouse. Your hand should relax and the mouse shouldn’t be too heavy. For teenagers, this has not so much to say, because the hand gets trained up. But once you reach a certain age without having touched a computer that much before. You should get a mouse that makes your hand relax. A nice mousepad is also nice to have.

Also when choosing a new keyboard or mouse. Will you use it with your nextgen AmigaOS, Mac or Windows system that uses USB? Do you use them with cables or wireless? What sort of experience have you got? These are essential questions. Because in this review, Distrita is looking at these premium wireless MX Keys and MX Master 3 products from Logitech that they sent to us.

It is really nice to be a partner with them so they give us products for testing. It means they like our Distrita and Amitopia platforms which we thank them for. In our reviews, we try to put the usage feeling first. So we don’t want to rush things out. Instead, we want to get to know the product, what features it got and if it can manage to stay alive during our many hours of writing articles for our sites. I connected both of these 2 MX products to my Nextgen Amiga, Mac, and PC. I also tested the Bluetooth connections and how compatible these products are when switching between the systems. Would MorphOS be able to detect the automatic switch that you can do from both of the keyboard and the mouse? Would Windows 10 work as expected? And would my iMac i7 from 2013 be able to connect? All of these questions will be answered in this review. Read about a product that lets you work with several systems without knowing how to setup Synergy or other keyboard linking software.


Most of the reviews on-line that I have seen. I have seen these two MX products having lots of reviews for Windows and MacOS. But what about other operating systems such as MorphOS or AmigaOS? Let’s reveal how my experience is with them as I use them now when writing this review even.  

Connecting the Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3

This is what you get with the MX products when you buy them

  • USB-C Charging Cable for both of the products
  • USB Bluetooth dongle for both of the products
  • Both need to be Charged before Used

Together with these two products from Logitech we got a USB-C charging cable for both of the products. Quite good charging cables too. Then each of them also came with a USB Bluetooth Dongle for use with systems that don’t have Bluetooth or got a Bluetooth version that isn’t supported.


Once you get one of these products. My advice is to charge it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them because while you charge both of these MX Logitech products can be used.

Linking with the USB Dongle vs 2 Bluetooth Connections

  • USB Dongle part works on any computers with a working USB connector and stack
  • 2 Bluetooth only connections require the latest Bluetooth version

With no Bluetooth support at all. All nextgen AmigaOS machine users must rely on using the Bluetooth dongles that are used to get and send the data from both of the MX products. This also applies to computers with older versions of Bluetooth such as the Intel Macs that aren’t supported by Apple anymore. To use these two wireless devices on MorphOS is very cool and satisfying. I also had to use them on my iMac i7 from the 2013 machine. It is a beast but Apple simply doesn’t support it anymore which is so lame.

I have to admit that it is really fun to be able to use these wireless keyboard and mice together with a nextgen type of AmigaOS like this. So, I’ve put the dongle onto my PowerBook G4 1.64GHz PowerPC laptop and connects these MX products through Bluetooth to my ASUS i7 Windows 10 laptop. It works really well. The switching between the systems is easy on the MX Keys keyboard but on the MX Master 3 mouse. I really wish that this switch would be on the top of the mice and not underneath. The switching between the USB Dongle connected MorphOS PowerPC Mac and the Bluetooth connected Windows 10 PC is fast. But the button underneath of the mice for switching is not in the most ideal place. If there is one negative thing about this product then this is a quite bold one.

iMac i7 ignored by Apple

On our iMac i7 machine from 2011 at the office, the Bluetooth connection with both of the MX products from Logitech is not possible at all. I need to use the USB Dongles that comes with the products. The software from Logitech says that it doesn’t support the Bluetooth version that our iMac i7 got. Also, the driver software from the Logitech site is also not supported for the macOS version that I am stuck with because of no support from Apple, which is sad.

Without using the Bluetooth USB dongles. You cant use these MX products with MacOSX El Capitan. I have written a longer article about what I think about Apple and they’re abandoning its products policy here. I understand this about PowerPC which is many years old. But my iMac i7 is a totally fine computer that is really fast. I love it a lot. So why Apple stops the support for it is very irritating.


The nextgen AmigaOS MorphOS users, on the other hand, are very lucky together with the Amiga community since their products are still getting lots of software and hardware support. For small operating system teams, it is not easy supporting a lot. But the fact that the USB stack sees both of the MX products without issue. It is really neat.

MX Keys and MX Master 3 USB dongle

For MorphOS, you must use the small USB Bluetooth dongles that come with both of the products.

But remember to charge them both with the USB-C cable that comes with the product. You can charge them with any USB-C capable charger or by using USB ports on any laptop or computer that can charge. After its done. The freedom awaits. Disconnect all of the cables and you can use these MX products without any cables. That made my wife happy.

Another advantage over using the USB dongle is that the MX products find them without searching. So they are plug and play. However, I would really like to have a letter or a logo saying K or an M logo on the USB dongles that come with the products. Because these dongles are so small so they are easy to get lost. When you pay the price of 111 Euro or more. You expect this product to let you keep all the parts that comes with it in a smart way.

None of the products have any USB dongle garage neither which I feel is maybe the biggest disappointment. Much cheaper products that are also wireless but have great quality got these USB dongle garages where you can store the dongle in a safe place. But this is a premium product, so this should be a standard too.


Logitech should have worked more with the USB Dongles

The price tag for both of the products is quite high. They both are priced at 111 Euro or more. So I think that it would be nice if Logitech could at least print the product code for what they are on the tiny USB dongles so it is not easy to mix these dongles. They could have printed M or K as I’ve written above on the dongle beside the Bluetooth logo as an idea. 

So, be aware! As long as you have a clean mind that knows where it stores and put stuff. Then this will not be an issue that you will experience. But a much smarter solution should have been made. Maybe a USB Dongle holder for keeping them somewhere would be an idea?

Premium product for 3 connected devices

See the MX Keys and MX Master 3 connected to 3 different computers here

One of the biggest and the strongest features that comes with these two products from Logitech is that you can use both of them with 3 different computers at the same time (yes, also for the mouse). So lets say that 1 is your MorphOS machine, 2 is your Bluetooth compatible computer and 3 is your Android Tablet? Then the MX series is perfect for such setup. Buying this one makes all sort of women that hate cables happier for sure!

Both of the MX keyboard and mouse works really well together when switching between computers. Writing is also fast when pressing the MX Keys too. I love it a lot. The design of the keys on this keyboard is well made that all of the keys on it got a slightly down in the middle hill built-in on all of them. This makes your finger thumbs hit the keys easier and you will see this on your writing speed a lot. But as a gamer keyboard, I must say that after 4 weeks using this keyboard. It is heaven on earth for my fingers.

I have never written articles faster. The keys and their design fits my fingers perfectly. For smaller hands, they might be too big but for me they are perfect. It works really nice when we tried Cities Skylines and Transport Fever 2 on our ASUS Windows 10 machine. 

So. If I could separate these two products. I want to say how much better the MX Keys is compared to MX Master 3. The keyboard got everything right. It is one of the most fantastic keyboards that I’ve ever tried in my life actually and I have been testing lots of keyboards. Except for the Amiga keyboard, this is for sure a winner. The flat white and metallic keyboard from Apple was nice but I got these electric “zips” in Norway where we have long winters. When it is dry and cold outside, it is like my whole body gets “zip” to metallic stuff. So that keyboard from Apple went from cool to the most hurting keyboard that I had.

TVPaint for AmigaOS and Pixelmator for MacOS Love

I have tested MX Keys and MX Master 3 products on our PowerBook G4 1.64GHz machine with the latest MorphOS 3.13 release and MacOS and it works without issues other than if you want to use F1 to F12 then remember to hit the fn button first. If you don’t the volume and LED light keys will work instead.

When using TVPaint in MorphOS or Pixelmator in macOS. The MX Keys works as it should. The keys just falls automatically into the keys, making you use the hotkeys even more. Both of the products got issues when using the Bluetooth USB dongles. No drivers need to be installed as the smart Poseidon USB stack detects both of the dongles without issues. The MX Master 3 mouse wheel functions are detected in AmigaOS, macOS and Windows 10.

MX Keys as a keyboard is a must to have for all that loves to type fast.  I have been lucky in testing this product for many weeks and days now. I need to address that MX Keys is really one of the best keyboards that I’ve tested. Also, Logitech has placed the keys in a much more Amiga and Mac style of way than the PC way. No Windows icons on the keys etc! So for me which is used to use Amiga keyboards daily. The MX Keys feel better all in all.

Also, I need to mention the fact that the Amiga keys (cmd on right and left) are just beside the spacebar on each of the sides as on any regular Amiga keyboard. So. Either you have an Amiga, a Mac or a PC. MX Keys is a nice keyboard to use together with any operating system. I haven’t tested it in Linux, but Trond mentioned that it works really great.

Moving the cursor around on the Screen

While MX Master 3 got some flaws regarding switching between systems. It is not a bad mouse itself. The whole product feels premium and my big hand fits it very well. It is a very comfortable feeling to move icons, select files in a list, clicking on areas where you can type and painting using TVPaint, Pixelmator or even The big premium mouse wheel also helps you to navigate websites or listers without issues.

The MX Master 3 mouse feels and it is a very solid product that requires the level of this price-tag that it sells for. The switching between the computer placement switch is a bit odd. The MX Keys product got it on the keys on top where it is very comfortable to have them. It would be nice to also have this switch on the side of the MX Master 3 mouse.

Also, I wish for a feature that would connect these two products together. It shouldn’t be a big deal to have the option to switch both of the MX keyboard and mouse products at the same time. This could all be done on the keyboard with a feature making this possible todo. Now that would be a nice feature to have. 

But this is only the details. You can’t have everything. But this is something that Logitech should do for the next release? All in all. We think that MX Keys is a very good product while the MX Master 3 should have the switch. Other than that it is very comfortable to use as written above. It feels premium and we hope that our test device will prove that. 

Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3 FAQ

What MorphOS version do I need?

This product is tested on MorphOS 3.x but it should work on earlier versions too. We urge everyone to update their MorphOS machines.

My MorphOS machine got slow USB slots. Will it work?

The USB slots on PowerBook G4 1.64GHz isn’t powered. Both of the dongles is tested in both of the USB slots on it without issues.

Does MX Master 3 (mouse) work as it should in MorphOS?

Yes it does. No problems at all. No installation of any drivers. It works out of the box when using the USB Bluetooth dongle.

Will all of the AmigaOS keys combinations work with MX Keys?

MorphOS uses the standard AmigaOS way of switching between screens, copy and paste. This works without issues when using MX Keys. In fact it is very nice to have the A (cmd) keys on each side of the spacebar like on any real Amiga keyboard. Perfect!

Is there any lag in TVPaint when using MX Master 3?

No. I’ve painted a picture with it and didn’t experience any issues.

Is it possible to use the MX Keys and MX Master 3 products while charging?

Yes. But on machines with less powered USB slots you should use a separate power supply.

How many days does MX Keys and MX Master 3 work before it needs to be charged?

After many weeks of testing. I have only charged the MX Keys and MX Master 3 once. Steady product!

Does MX Keys and MX Master 3 Require drivers to Switch?

No. You can switch between 3 computers on both products. No drivers needs to be installed.

Which MX Keys and MX Master 3 computers did you use?

We used PowerBook G4 1.64GHz, iMac i7, MacBook Pro Retina i5 and ASUS i7 PC.

Is there any lag when switching between MorphOS and Windows 10?

No. None.

Possible to wake up Windows 10 with MX Keys?

No. Didn’t work on our ASUS i7 PC.

The Final Words about MX from Logitech

So. If you want to have a nice keyboard and mice solution. Both of these are recommended. But do check them out before you buy them. Everyone got a different type of hands. That’s why writing a review of keyboards is really difficult because I can only review my own experience.

The MX products from Logitech seems to be solid products. Some flaws on the MX Master 3, but other than that I want to give a top score. 10 out of 10 for the MX Keys product and 7 out of 10 for the MX Master 3 product.

Both of the products are perfect for taking them with you on business trips or vacations. They are great replacements for touchpads in many cases. Especially on Windows 10 laptops where the touchpad is a left click on the mouse when you slightly touch it. I just need to use a mouse with Windows 10. Especially if I am doing graphics or need to video edit something. I then have to use a mouse.

I hope that you found this review interesting. Please Share! Like! and Bookmark our site for more reviews like this.