The MUI development team for AmigaOS is proud to announce release of version 4.0-2016R1 of the Magic User Interface for AmigaOS 4 and AmigaOS 68k. But this release is for Amiga machines with power. If you still uses a 68030 Amiga, then MUI 3.8 is still the fastest way to go.

Please find their release archives at their download section, at:

Like all former releases, a keyfile is required to enable all available settings. Old keyfiles from MUI 3.8 can be used without any restriction.

Please note that MUI4 for AmigaOS 68k is targeted at powerful systems with a fast CPU and a fast graphic board. Although it is still possible to run this release on a real 68k machine and thru Amiga emulation packages like WinUAE. Also colormapped screens with 256 colors at most are still supported, but MUI4 makes heavy use of fancy truecolor images and effects, which cannot be provided on colormapped screens with the full range of possibilities.

Also a Important note! This MUI4 is not the same version as in MorphOS. They are different and infact not compatible.