What is going on at the Rotten Tomatoes website? In their overall critics statement about Alita Battle Angel movie, they write “Alita: Battle Angel’s story struggles to keep up with its special effects, but fans of futuristic sci-fi action may still find themselves more than sufficiently entertained.”  But we at Distrita wants to see Alita Battle Angel 2, so we decided to start the fight for it now. The audience has proven that they want it. But before that can happen. We need to make the media understand what their criticism is doing. 

Some of the journalists haven’t seen the movie at all! Why even bother putting your comments online then?

Guns is a natural thing for Alita to use
This is a masterpiece. Best movie that I’ve ever seen

I am asking what’s wrong with all of these journalists from the world’s most popular websites? Where does this movie struggle with the effects? It is the most stunning movie ever made! These journalists are big influencers with more than a million readers daily. Yet their comments about Alita seems to me that they haven’t seen the movie at all. It makes me cry!…

Rotten Tomatoes shows that Journalists just writes for the Money

What sort of journalists is those which give movie scores in the media? Yes. I admit it. I am a huge fan of Alita Battle Angel. But because I am a fan I also provide correct info about the movies that I am writing about. Either I like them or not. So, for me as an Alita fan, the Rotten Tomatoes critics that have been published there with words on that website that shows that these journalists have totally failed regarding rating Alita: Battle Angel movie!

All journalists that don’t understand the concept of a Sci-Fi movie or story should never be writing and sharing their verdicts. I am not stopping anyone of you from doing it, but I know that most of the journalists are paid for writing about a product if they are paid enough.

Everyone knows that this is wrong to do, but it is happening. The ethical journalism is under attack. but also if you also don’t have any clue what the movie is about. Any journalist in this world should understand that the words you write do in fact have a huge impact on the popularity of any type of movie that you review.

Alita Battle Angel facing robots
She can be deadly. She understands. She helps. She is Alita

The audience of Alita Battle Angel movie overruns critics pasted on Rotten Tomatoes

Alita Battle Angel is a movie where the Audience seems to have overrun the International media totally in love for the movie. When many journalists write verdicts of this movie such as the ones that I found below here on the Rotten Tomatoes website.  I felt the need to use my time to comment back on the comments as I feel that they are spreading what I think is nonsense:

It’s sort of overlong and overstuffed, but Rosa Salazar is quite good.” – Peter Reineer @ FilmWeek
Why is this movie overlong? Why overstuffed? Rotten Tomatoes chose to spread this on their site. Alita is a so dawn to earth movie. It’s not overlong at all. It a story that is about a beautifully made cyborg by a creator that finds her in the scrapyard. The story reveals how Alita is revived by a very wise doctor and how she evolves. This movie is only 122 minutes long but it puts so much love into the viewer.
The story is about Alita and is NOT overstuffed. It is a movie that is based on the Manga and Anim by Yukito Kishiro
that you can read about on Wikipedia. You really need to see this movie more than once too and also understand the reactions of people that have watched the movie. If a movie is overstuffed, people will give it a no go like movies with only action and no plot.
The fighting sequences is pure art
Alita Battle Angel fight scenes can be described as art
Alita’s plot and love for Hugo keep my heart love her. The passion that she got for him and at the same time finds about who she really is very well made. Alita is one of the best movies at it sets a totally new standard for how Sci-Fi movies should be made.
“”Alita” is just pretty. And pretty horrible.” – Johnny Oleksinski @ USA Today
Why even write horrible? What’s horrible about Alita? I would understand if there were any design flaws in this movie. But please describe what you mean by writing horrible?.
Everything in Alita Battle Angel is not just pretty. What James Cameron did in this movie is a masterpiece of creation. This movie is so colorful. It is exciting and valuable for anyone’s heart watching it. There is nothing horrible about it. Maybe this person turned his head halfway and never understood the complete meaning of the movie?
Did this Johnny journalist from USA Today watch another movie? How did he have the nerves to write such negative words about this movie. I would like to know what’s so horrible about it? The audience doesn’t think it is at all. The beauty in this movie is that it manages to sho a Sci-Fi cyborg plot that unites together with a love story. It unites the people of the world we all live in with any people that struggle because of missing a leg or an arm.
Alita is really one of the very few movies in the world that show that any type of person in this world deserves to have a superhero. Not just the healthy ones. It also shows that love finds a way everywhere. That if you love someone deeply. She should be given your heart if you really love her. Alita shows the way for millions and that’s the horrible thing that this journalist doesn’t see. It’s sad!
Alita Battle Angel looking amazing
This movie is more than just a regular sci-fi movie… and yes the effects are revolutionary in this movie!
It suffers because like most of the Cameron stories, it is not a deep story and unfortunately the special effects are really strong, but they are not revolutionary.” – WXIX-TV

What is wrong with this journalist? Not revolutionary? I haven’t seen a movie out there with such a detailed design for any character. Maybe this journalist has seen the DVD or a badly pirated version of the movie??? Have you as a journalist been at the cinema at all watching this movie? Did you sleep during it? It really seems so!

I have seen the movie 7 times at the moving theatres here in Oslo. I personally saw Alita Battle Angel at Nordisk Film cinemas, then at ODEON IMAX moving theatre and also later at their smaller showing rooms. This is the most incredibly, stunningly, visually made movies that I have seen. Nothing else is even near the way Rosa played Alita in this movie. All the details on Alita are just WOW! So, saying that this movie is not revolutionary is really nonsense.

This is just a fragment of what journalists from well-known news media have been writing about Alita. I am stunned and now I understand that the popularity of Alita is pure. That the journalists don’t understand or haven’t seen the movie it seems. It’s like they wanted to write bad things about it?


Alita: Battle Angel Alita Battle Suit Cosplay Costume – $167.99

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Alita has won everyone’s hearts and we fight for getting a sequel. Because this movie is the best sci-fi movie ever created. James nailed it totally with this movie. All the actors played really well and I must also say that its one of the best emotionally made movies too. Combined it is the best movie ever created. But for some reason, Alita got way too many negative comments from international media which is in many cases nice evidence that these journalists didn’t care or wanted it to get a fair verdict. Shame on you!

We really want to see Alita Battle Angel 2 becoming a reality. We will fight for it more and more together with the community. This Alita character needs so much love from both the audience and the media. If we can help, I will feel complete!