In Norwegian; «Får «Avatar» til å ligne et hjemmevideoopptak på VHS» says on VG (biggest newspaper in Norway) site. Which means that they compare Life of PI and Avatar in how they are and looks. So, I wonder … How can Life of PI and Avatar be in the same sentence at all? Life of PI is about believe, while Avatar is a sci-fi movie. How is it possible for Norway’s biggest newspaper, to claim this? Just to get more clicks? How can VG write about those two movies at all in the same sentence? They are totally different in story, atmosphere and characters. How can humans and animals have anything in common with humans and aliens? Avatar is wonderful and the 3D is amazing! The 3D scenes also shows totally different things. Life of PI got amazing 3D yes, but its not any breakthru. If that’s the case, I would rather say that The Hobbit movie made me even more impressed. Making this as a must-click-link on VG is terrible wrong, and it seems this text have just been put on their frontpage to sell more.