Nexus has always been known as the reference phone by Google, and different providers have got the honor to put their name on it! This time it’s Motorola’s time to show if they still have muscles! Is Motorola still strong? Could they really compete with Apple, Samsung and the rest? I still remember my first Motorola phone from the 90’s, it was the heaviest and ugliest phone I ever had! But it worked! Time has changed a lot since then!

The “M” logo is dominating!

The design looks good, and it’s easy to recognize the shape from earlier versions. Well, the M looks the same as on the old Motorola phones, and it’s a big M on the backside of the phone, but we don’t care! We like that the camera lens is moved to middle, better than the corner side as on LG’s version last time with Nexus 5. But we loved the size of Nexus5. It was perfect to fit in pockets, and it was good to hold! So we are a bit worried since the upgraded Nexus is a way much bigger!

The biggest Nexus ever, with 6 inches!

The screen is amazing with same resolution as Samsung Galaxy S6! Nexus 6 has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels! The screen is also big, 6 inches! It’s too big to be a phone for everyone, at least iPhone users that were used to 4 inches until recently… But it would be a competitior to Samsung Galaxy Note series and business people that look for a phablet rather than a tablet…

Newest android version, Lolipop on Google’s new phone

We also love that it has got Android 5.0.1 (Lolipop) so it will get updates faster! The user interface is also changed a bit…

The camera is nothing special! It’s only 13 mp camera, and the quality is only average! We expect more of today’s top models! Battery is at least very good!

Do you want to buy the Nexus 6 by Motorola?

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What do you expect of Google’s reference phone 2015?