Eclairs is one of worlds most delicious deserts out there. It is so yummy and refreshing. I remember in Poland how tasty the local bakery Eclairs tasted and how refreshing it was to eat them. Here is my view of the most wonderful eclairs ever made. Read on…

EclairsDark Chocolate Eclair is soo Yummy

The Eclair top filling should be chocolate and it should be dark. There are also other types of top filling, but it can make the taste not so great. The chocolate should also not be too sweet. You should be able to taste it, but not too much. If too much, the esence of the taste dissapears.

Eclair with Vanilla Egg Cream

There are many variations. Some fillings consists of chocolate cream, egg cream or even berries cream. But the right cream, should be vanilla egg cream taste to it. It shouldn’t be to sweet and have the excact puffy air to it. Some Eclairs have a hole on the side where you can see that the cream have been blown into the Eclair form, but the best is to have top layer bread with chocolate, then Vanilla Egg Cream and bottom layer bread. In that way you have more control and it becomes less messy to eat the Eclair.

EclairsTasty Eclair Bread must be used

The bread should be puffy white bread. The taste to it should be light, but not hard. The bread should melt instantly when you grab a bite. You should feel it a bit together with the dark chocolate and vanilla egg cream. Its just delicious!


The Taste of a Wonderful Eclair is one of Worlds Most Delicious Desserts 1

Eclair is a very good known desert cake that origins from France, but is sold everywhere. The most tasty ones can be found in France and Poland. But there are nice ones other places too. Maybe you will have a different favourite, but my description is the way Eclairs should be and taste. For more delicious dessert recipes, visit