For the most, the web is full of weather sites that doesn’t do anything good regarding visually presentation. Windyty takes the world wide weather presentation to a new level. Here you can see the worlds Wind, Temperature, Pressure, Clouds, Rain and even Snow forecast.


Some interesting Windyty info: is a strictly non-commercial project made by an addicted kiter, helicopter and Jet Pilot guy calling himself Ivo. He also got programming as his passion, which have resulted into this wow site.

GFS forecast model, produced by NOAA, is the major source of weather data. Forecast data are updated four times a day and in detailed zoom I use 13x13km grid forecast. Beautiful forecasts for location detail are produced by and are based on NMM, NEMS or GFS mathematical models with different resolution (up to 3x3km), based on location


Distrita have choosen to use it on our frontpage. Hope that you like it. You can click on it to get a full browser window version. Really nice!