morphoschartIn order to celebrate the 2000th MorphOS registration, we’d like to thank our users for their support since the introduction of the MorphOS 2.0 in 2008. Since MorphOS 2.4, we’ve been expanding our hardware base to a variety of Apple PowerPC computers, including their excellent portables. The adoption rate of the Mac mini quickly surpassed the bPlan machines, and the Mini still remains the most popular MorphOS platform.

Hardware Statistics:

  • 37%

    Mac Mini

  • 25%

    Pegasos 2

  • 12%


  • 9%

    PowerMac G4

  • 8%


  • 4%

    Pegasos 1

  • 3%

    PowerMac G5

  • 2%


LinkLenkeKnappA small victory for a small OS, that deserves a much bigger love from everyone out there. MorphOS transforms your PPC Mac into something that you’ve never thought was possible. One word, Speed!

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