Today Yosemite was released. It will be a free upgrade for everyone using Mavericks and tighten the bound between iOS and OSX even closer. But on the CPU side, where Apple left some years ago. MorphOS is trying to say that PowerPC is still alive. Is it? Ohh yes it is! And many in todays computing world doesn’t understand what Commodore did with thousands of users worldwide. They learned early that creating communities was the key to survival. So now over 20 years since Commodore went bust. MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 is still trying to tell the world what they are missing,.. but the world isn’t following whats good, but whats selling and whats hype.

OSX (MacOSX in old times) had its hard times. It’s still a minority OS compared to the “mighty” Windows. It is for the ones that are rich. Same for MorphOS users as they must have old PPC Mac hardware and pay up to 111,- Euros for MorphOS license. MorphOS is even more strict than OSX license rules even. You are tied to the hardware that you use, but when you pay you know that it goes for developing MorphOS further on PowerPC platform, which is even more minority.

Can these commercial OS’s stand a chance against Windows market? No.. and it will be so as long as Apple sticks to Intel platform instead of PowerPC platform, where Apple would have a much bigger chance in surviving. Both OSX and MorphOS are expensive operating system to use but they also target totally different markets.

You might think its a surreal to compare these two. It’s not! Reason for that is that OSX was a PowerPC OS and now MorphOS runs on old PowerPC Macs giving them extended life. Yes, you don’t need to throw your PowerBook G4, iBook G4, MacMini G4, PowerMac G4, eMac G4 or PowerMac G5. MorphOS rescues these fantastic products from Apple from beeing throwed and not used. MorphOS is so lightning fast and small in size that it even lets a slow MacMini G4 play 720p HD movies, boot up in seconds and multitask like nothing out there. It also gives you full AmigaOS 68k, WarpUP and PowerUP compatibility which gives this OS many thousands of apps working for it. Actually, MorphOS have more music players than OSX have.. so you do have more choice! You can also customize MorphOS as you wish so easy. OSX doesnt let you change much and Shapeshifter (not the Mac emulator for Amiga) isn’t working on modern versions on OSX, which let you change the system look totally.

So you think by now that I like everything about MorphOS? No, I don’t. There is plenty of improvements that can be done. The OS needs to support dual core CPU’s for once, getting memory-protection support and also support more printers and scanners. MorphOS also lacks Nvidia support. It also needs to get multiuser support and better security. Right now, MorphOS have no viruses or worms, but as the OS becomes more and more popular, this will eventually be be a issue later.

It’s nice to see Apple releasing this new OS for Mac Intel machines. Its for free. MorphOS have also been for free since I bought 2.x and now is at 3.5.1. That is good, even the license restrictions is a bit hard to understand and explain for people wanting to join our community.

Well, have a happy Apple day further. Distrita will follow all sorts of OS News for you.