On 27th of October, The MorphOS team took a new pricing scheme for MorphOS into effect. MorphOS is an alternative operating system that also supports AmigaOS 68k apps and games.

Reduced by about 30%
It’s effectively a price reduction by about 30% for the laptos and G5s.

The prices for a keyfile, are now Available for 79 EUR. That includes:

  • PowerBook G4
  • iBook G4
  • PowerMac G5
  • eMac G4
  • MacMini G4
  • Pegasos I
  • Pegasos II
  • PowerMac G4


If you have these PowerPC systems, the price is now 49 EUR for these:

  • EfikaPPC from Genesi
  • Sam460 system from Acube


Once you have paid for the key, you won’t need to pay for a upgrade. I had mine since MorphOS 2.x came out and soon MorphOS 3.10 will be available. Also remember that MorphOS does not support Nvidia graphics cards. So PowerBook 12″, PowerMac G4 and PowerMac G5 machines with Nvidia graphics card installed will not work.

It is nice to see a price reduction like this. Head over to their website, to get a look on what you get and get inspired to Download and try out MorphOS on your PowerPC compatible system.


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