Australia’s second largest city is Melbourne. It has some 4.8 million inhabitants that got many transit options. One of them is a local train system which is more alike a Metro systems in Europe. Then you have a rapid rail system serving the Melbourne area, which is part of the Australian railways in the classical sense, but with a frequent suburban train service which runs in a 4-track underground loop in the centre of Melbourne.

Depending on the time of the day trains run around the city loop clockwise or anti-clockwise. In this section the frequencies between the trains is short. But Melbourne got one line service that doesn’t follow the circle loop. Sandringham trains leave from Flinders Street station without running around the loop as that station is the start of the line. What’s good with having  a good local train Metro alike system is that you can get cheap tickets to Sydney from Melbourne and you won’t need to change so many times until the desired destination is reached.

Also Melbourne got one of world’s largest light rail tram networks. And it is this network that is now getting upgrades. That’s what this article is about. It deserves that!

More E-Class Light Rail Trams Bombardier for Melbourne in Australia

The Victoria state government announced on September 18 Metro Report announces that it had ordered 10 more E-Class trams from Bombardier for A$83m which is calculated into 51,294,000 EURO.

Bombardier is already supplying 80 low-floor trams from its Dandenong factory under previously placed orders; the 70th of these is expected to arrive in the next few weeks for Melbourne citizen to use in their daily life.

Melbourne got one of world’s most extensive tram networks in the world. But the transit company is pretty strict. So do pay for your ride or you will get fines. We experienced to see many young people getting caught for not paying for the rides. The system uses a MYKI travel card system. So do pay before you ride.

cheap tickets to Sydney from Melbourne with light rail tram connection

Here is a List of MYKI type of card types that is used in Melbourne, Australia

Card type Cost Who’s eligible to use this card?
Full Fare $6
  • People aged 19 years and over with no concession entitlement
  • International visitors 19 years and over
  • Victorian Carer Card holders with no other concession entitlement
Concession $3
  • Healthcare card holders with a Victorian address
  • Pensioner card holders with a Australian address
  • Seniors from other states in Australia
  • PTV ID card holders (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary or Asylum Seeker)
  • Seniors from other states in Australia
  • Disability support pensioners with a Victorian address
  • Victorian Carer Card holders with another concession entitlement
  • Carer payment recipients with a Victorian address
Children $3
  • Children aged 5 to 18 years (including visitors from other states and international visitors)
  • Children under 5 travel free and don’t need a myki
  • Customers aged 17 and 18 must carry government issued proof of age ID (such as a passport, learners permit or proof of age card)
  • Children aged 16 and under don’t need proof of age to travel
Seniors $3
  • Victorian Seniors Card holders
  • Seniors receive their first myki free with their Victorian Seniors Card

For much more information. Go to PTV Website page for all information that you need. Most important to know is that paid and valid MYKI cards can be used on trams, trains and busses. Which is really handy!

So, with all of this information given to you. The new light rail tram wagons will give everyone a much better travel experience in Melbourne, Australia.


Source: PTV website, Metro Report