One of the main attractions of the Mexican plateau is the annual migration of the monarch butterfly, one of the greatest spectacles of nature. Each year, between 60 million and a billion butterflies undertake the journey from eastern Canada and to the forests of west-central Mexico, on a walking tour over four thousand kilometers. The hibernating butterflies clustered in small areas of the Biosphere Reserve Monarch Butterfly, a protected nature reserve and national area covering over 500 square kilometers.
Monarch butterflies breed during the months of February and March, just before beginning their journey back north. During this time of year, nights in the highlands of west-central Mexico are still fresh, but the heat of the sun forces butterflies separated from their groups and thus begin their mating rituals. The butterflies are most active during the mating season, and this one of the best times of year to visit the Biosphere Reserve Monarch Butterfly.
Monarch butterflies spectacular nature.


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