We go around the world with 8 drinks that are representative of different countries. Maybe you already tried all the drinks that we have on the list (or not). The important thing is that this trip promises to take your palate to new latitudes. Distrita makes sure that you will move all of your guests once you have followed this Mint Mojito Super Easy Recipe guide.

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Let’s teach you how to make our favorite Mint Mojito

Mojito Super Easy Recipe

If you have not tried it yet, what do you expect? Here we tell you how to prepare them to impress your friends.

Fresh and refreshing The mint mojito is ideal for sunny and hot days everywhere in the world. This recipe increases the standard of the classic Cuban cocktail by mixing one of the best rums in the world with mint, Muscovy sugar and lemon juice. It will flip your Guests upside down!

Important Ingredients to give Mint Mojito the Correct Tasty Taste

This Mint Mojito recipe is for 2 servings

  • 2 oz. Zacapa Centenario 23
  • 10 gr Muscovy sugar
  • 10 Sheet (s) Peppermint
  • 2 piece (s) Lemon (s)
  • 6 drops Bitters of angostura
  • 1 top Mineral water

Jigger Bar Spoon Macerator Knife

The Mint Mojito Preperation so You know what to do

  1. Add lemons, sugar and bitters in the glass
  2. Macerate
  3. Pour the rum
  4. Slap the peppermint, this serves to activate it
  5. Put ice and fill with mineral water
  6. Decorate with mint leaves and / or lemon
Mint Mojito | Super Easy Recipe that will Move all of your Guests 1
Let’s check out how beautiful a Mint Mojito is!

Now you are ready for the most ultimate Mojito drinking party ever. Just consume alcohol with caution. Too much is not good, but that’s a nice rule for everything that you and I eat and drink. Don’t eat the very same food and drinks everyday. Try to mix every week with something unique and Mojito is  a perfect drink for the weekend or a hot day during the summer. Its refreshing and delicious. Now you will impress many out there!

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