Mojarritas fried is a Veracruz food, with a spicy flavor, but with all the Veracruz style so that your palate remembers the taste of the port. This dish can be used for a Sunday family meal or for a gala dinner.

The red tomato, white rice and lemon give the dips … more


4 garlic
4 Mojarras
2 potatoes
4 lemons
1 tomato
1 English sauce
1 olive oil
To taste Pepper
To taste Seasoning (Maggi Juice)
To taste Chiltepin sauce buy it made or make it


Wash the ingredients and clean the gills of viscera and scales well.

Dry the mojarras well with absorbent napkins and marinate with lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, seasoning (maggi juice) and pepper.


Finely chop the garlic, chop the tomato into slices, chop lemon, peel and slice the potatoes and set aside. Spread the garlic to the mojaras on the inside and surface.

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