Many truck drivers have in recent years found that car lights with LED lights which gets snow on them, become darkened when it is snowing and it is around -1C or 30.2F outside. The cold LED lights simply doesn’t melt snow and ice like the old-fashioned incandescent lamps did. So, the new trucks with LED only lights have an issue in Scandinavian and northern part of the world that do get snow. The snow simply won’t melt. Instead when the temps changes to minus, the rain that sits on the LED freezes and snow that covers instant gets stuck there. In winter time with more darkness than daylight, it is crucial to have good lights on trucks. So, LED lights is for sure a risk.

Cold LED lights are a particularly big problem on Modern Trucks

The LED lights on Modern Trucks have a different design than the LED lights sitting on private cars. On the trucks, they got vertical surfaces that cause the snow to not blow off. So, the snow gets stuck and in the darkness in the winter it can becoming a question of safety really.

Increasing problem with Cold LED lights

When the truck manufactures now produces LED lights in the front of the trucks. It is for sure an incereasing problem. Especially for those trucks that are meant to be driven on snowy and icy roads. This means that the truck drivers that got this issue, needs to stop often to get the ice and snow off the LED lights. In some cases, it’s only a few kilometers and then stop again. This really stops the efficency of getting goods transported within the time that the truck driver have got.

Here in Norway, they mean its the drivers responsibility. But we at Distrita thinks its the maker of the truck’s responsibility… or even the truck designers responsibility. It is them that have made these trucks and if they aren’t meant to be driven on snowy and icy roads. It is the company or manufacture of the truck fault. Driver have got the job by the company. So, he is not to be blamed we think. If LED lights gives this huge risk when driving in snowy weather. Then the manufactures needs to rethink this or give the company the drives their trucks to give them free fixing deal.

Modern trucks should be able to go anywhere and if this is a issue. Fix it! Before life’s gets lost. Give the modern trucks lights that can melt the ice or maybe build a heating possibility if possible. The drivers needs to see whats happening on the road. Like the car on our topic here. Good old lights melts the snow you know!