For the last few days I’m, just busting to tell you all about my Sony Xperia 10 One Year Later experience. I am, of course, talking about my love for Sony products. Oh no, wait! No! Sorry!

review of Sony Xperia 10 one year later

The Sony Xperia 10 smartphone from 2019 is so on my mind still. A budget phone from 2019 that is still useable in 2020? Read my thought on it. Is it worth getting one?

Sony never left the Xperia name

This year Sony Xperia 10 II is out. However, if you want a much cheaper phone. Then Sony Xperia 10 might be a choice you can’t deny if you are looking for an affordable phone. The Sony Xperia tenant is a mid-range mobile cost of 201 Euro here in continent Europe.

Sony Xperia 10 was launched on the 27th of February 2019 which is 18 months ago. It was just launched at the beginning of 2019 at Mobile World Congress, and I’ve been using it as my full-time phone for more than 365 days now. So what are the good and the bad sides of the Sony Xperia 10 smartphone? Well, here’s what you need to know. You don’t need to agree on everything. But this is my full view of it.

Do we get Xperia Magic with a budget phone from 2019?

Let me begin this review of my more than year review to mention the ratio of this 6-inch screen means that the Xperia 10 isn’t as girthy as other handsets. This thing fits perfectly in the palm making for a really comfortable grip. The material used on this phone is remarkable for the price. It feels like a great phone to hold.

I think that the One-Handed use of Sony Xperia 10 is absolutely effortless, especially with Sony’s screen shrinking mods, pretty much essential if you want to actually reach that notifications bar without dislocates and your thumb. A more on the subject I’m, also infatuated with the Xperia 10’s x elongated display.

This is probably the best screen on any phone around at this affordable price right now. The visuals are absolutely stunning, with sharp detail for your photos and videos, and then there’s. Those punchy colors, which can be really boosted with Sony’s, brilliant super vivid modes. It’s, amazingly bright as well.


Snapdragon 630 makes Sony Xperia 10 do its job for You

If you boost the Sony Xperia 10’s screen levels all the way up to those top levels, it will make you weep tears of blood. Well, that shifts down to a hit gear, and unfortunately, the Sony Xperia 10 smartphone uses the Snapdragon 630 chipset. But with my usage of taking lots of photos, communicating using Telegram, or browse the net. This phone gets things done without noticeable lags.

Just remember as with any Android device. Remember to clean the cache of each of the apps 2-3 times a year. In this way, you know that the phone will last for months. Also, it helps from draining the battery.

Thankfully, the Xperia 10 isn’t exactly a performance pauper. It still cops well with Android Pie. Just like the older phone named cr2, you can play games like Fortnite on Lord detail levels with only the occasional little stutter here and there to contend with, but certainly not game shattering and multitasking.


A phone that doesn’t struggle like others at the same price range

Occasionally the phone will stumble a bit and you can’t help but crib the silky smoothness offered by more advanced platforms still on ahead tip and Sony Xperia 10, saves the battery for lots of struggle. This phone holds even after a year of usage pretty well.

Last year’s, Sony Xperia X8, 200 3300 milliamps mobile phone here on the Sony Xperia 10 unfortunates been reduced to two thousand eight hundred and seventy milliamp battery. As a result, you have to be a bit more careful if you stream too much video or take an extended Fortnite session.

You may well run out of juice before bedtime or at least be lumbered with that power saving modes. Everything comes down to what u use this Sony Xperia 10 phone for. If you’re not a gamer. This phone can last for a very long time. Also if you update it to the latest Firmware the phone lasts much longer too. Those devs at Sony made some remarkable changes during 2019-2020. So, do not forget to update. Its a must! That takes maybe 10-15 min out of your life. You can do it.

Sony always are the gods when it comes to nailing the Audio!

Let’s dive into the real love and Sony has once again nailed the audio side of this smartphone experience and, of course, supports high res audio.

As usual. Sony’s mid to premium range smartphones, but do not worry if you don’t have any high res tracks, because just your standard, digital stuff will sound great thanks to Sony’s awesomeness. Yes, even crappy compressed tracks are brought back to life somewhat as well, by the digital, sound enhancement engine.


There is also a must to have a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack for your listening pleasure huzzah. Apple listen! You removed what made a smartphone smart. The audio must sound good. Sony knows how on a 201 Euro phone!

Edge mounted fingerprint sensor is for big hands

I’m talking about that edge-mounted fingerprint sensor at first. It was all the joy to hear that Sony Xperia 10 would support a site sensor, just like the old-school, Sony phones, and for the most part it does work.

Well, there’s, usually a slight delay when unlocking if you have a smaller finger, but I really cannot fault the accuracy. So let’s finish with a bit of love and I’m, definitely enjoying that slapped on the art end of the Sony Xperia 10 keyboard is finally usable thanks to the secondary 5-megapixel depth sensor.

So your subject will appear nice and crisp while the background is effectively blurred out and you can now shoot 4K resolution videos and that’s. Stunning 21:9 aspect ratio to suit the screen that gives you a proper cinema-style effect. Eat this Apple. Do you need to pay 1500 Euro for a phone? No, you don’t. Sony shows the way. Today the phone is old but still electronic stores still sell it.

The camera app on Sony Xperia 10 can struggle with the Light

It’s, not all great news, though, as you would expect. Low-Light photography does suffer somewhat and you will need to be careful in tricky sunlight to my full experience. If you know how to adjust the settings in advanced mode you can get a long way but for the usual user, this is a fiddle that people don’t want to do. But you will not be disappointed. The photos get good.


So this is a brief overview of how to get on with the affordable Sony Xperia 10 phone after a year of usage. Hope that was helpful.

Android is the leading mobile operating system. Sony shows that. This is a remarkable 201 Euro phone doing lots that you will get happy for. U won’t regret buying this. It is worth it.