One of world’s most known irc clients is mIRC. This irc client set lots of standards for IRC as a chatting experience option. While MSN, IRQ and other chatting services had to shutdown. IRC is still alive for over 30 Years now.

For retro users that loves to use awesome operating systems like AmigaOS, AmIRC is still huge for classic Amiga owners also. So, IRC is in full activity still today. It’s the chat place where you can freely talk about anything that the chatroom admins allows.

What about getting the Real IRC Chatting experience on Android? Yaaic is Here

Try the Real IRC Chatting Experience on Android with Yaaic, irc for android

When searching for IRC clients for Android. You get lots of irc apps up when you search. I choose Yaaic by Sebastian Kaspari, because I’ve tried it before. But I never wrote anything about this irc client for Android until now. This app let’s you chat about anything on irc and here is our look at it for you.

Try the Real IRC Chatting Experience on Android with Yaaic, irc for androidInstalling and setting up Yaaic IRC client for Android

Once you have downloaded this app from Play Store. Install the app and launch it. From now on, you need to configure Yaaic as you want as any other irc client.

But we do recommend You to Remember to Save the settings! Do not go back, or else you will become bold out of sudden.  The Save button is at the bottom of the server and channel configuration screen. So, if you go back. All of your input is gone and there is no one saving you whatsoever! This must be one of the biggest flaws in this irc client. It is simply the main drawback within this app. It shouldn’t erase your settings for a new network just like that. At least the app should have a warning box asking if you want to save or not if you accidentally go back.

When you finally have put all of the important info up for the server and the channels you want to enter when starting the app. Then do hit that Save button!


So, once everything is set up correctly. Then, you should be able to connect to the irc network that you have configured. It’s not difficult, but if you aren’t used to irc usage and how to use the commands. We recommend you to read about it here. It will help you a lot.

Using Yaaic compared to mIRC and AmIRC or even x-Chat

This is a good and very fast irc client for Android. Using it is really nice, once you have set it up as you should. However, it does lack proper channel nick presentation. At least in widescreen mode, you should be able to see all of the nicks in the room that you have chosen to enter. But Yaaic doesn’t change. It only allows you to see all of the nicks if you touch the icon with peoples on it. This is one of the most important features in my opinion in any irc client.

After been a irc user since 1993. For me, I can survive without a user list that is there all the time. But it is way more user friendly to have it available all the time. The irc usage itself is in my opinion way better if it is there all the time. All of the main desktop irc apps like AmIRC for AmigaOS or x-Chat that is based on AmIRC for other systems does have this list as standard. And on Android which is supposed to be way more user friendly than desktop os systems. This should be mandatory!


Yaaic is a fast irc client that Listens to your writing

Other than missing such important irc client feature. Yaaic is fast. It supports scrolling with the keyboard if you use a Android smartphone with a qwerty keyboard like my BlackBerry keyONE. Also, what I do like. Is that when you press enter on the qwerty keyboard. It sends the message. Not like in Telegram or other messaging apps for Android where you have to touch on the screen to send the message. But that’s one of the main differences between irc and todays chat programs. IRC is way faster to chat on and might also be the reason why irc have survived for over 30 years.

I do recommend this app. I do! But some important irc features is missing for giving the irc experience a complete one. So! If you love irc or wants someone to get irc for android made by Google. Then Yaaic is a nice irc client to download and install.

Yaaic - IRC for Android
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Get more info about Yaaic from Google Play Store Here


Source: Distrita own Yaaic Experience on BlackBerry keyONE with Android 8.1