NAV (Norwegian State Work Agency) managers is critical that minority women do not want to take an internship or job in cafeterias serving pork. They also deny working in shops where they sell beer or nursing homes where they must care for men.

Some of the minority women’s can’t stand to work with serving pork, but Norway is a Christian country and the way to survive is to work. Some of these minority women have never been in paid work, they have no desire to work and their family does not want them to work.

In Norway, Norwegians have been learned to work from age of 14. Mostly with going around with newspapers in the evening or easy work at a food store. There are minority women’s that do work with serving pork and I know my previous boss which was a Muslim did eat meat while drinking beer. It’s all about willing to survive. In Norway everyone pays taxes, so to see minority women’s giving these arguments to NAV is a bit sad.