US robot researchers have developed a origami robot, that folds its own body within a minute and then moves a long like in a dance. I somehow get insect feeling of it. A stylish example of what is technically possible. Is this the birth of Skynet from the Terminator movies?

Watch this incredible video here

How does it work?

The sheet is made of hard plastic. The robot is however created by the measures 1.7 centimeters long on each side , and the weight is only 0.31 grams. When the sheet is placed on an heating element, the whole thing will fold itself together within seconds.

The engine of the robot will still not fit in the little plastic piece, but consists of two parts.

One of the part is a magnet embedded in the plastic sheet, while the other part is a set of four electromagnetic coils which lies in the ground on which the robot moves on.

It is really amazing to see how far the technology have gone. I am now asking myself when will we have robots curing us from flu and other illnesses? If you have been watched Stargate SG-1 series, maybe that the future will have micro robots cure us? Interesting news.