The people at The Dreamcast Junkyard, released a nice article about Crafti which is a superb Minecraft Clone for Dreamcast. This means you can walk around and build different kinds of blocks everywhere you go on your favourite Dreamcast console!

Get it Now ant Test it for Yourself
At DCemulation website, you can get the Crafti port for Dreamcast. You need to burn the CD and the just start to play or install it on one of the Memdisc solutions that Distrita will be explaining to you later.

Crafti for Dreamcast is a port of the original Crafti – a Minecraft clone that is developed for Texas Instruments TI-Nspire graphic calculators. You need to downloaded the CDI file, burn it to a disc and try it in your own Dreamcast. Then you can spend hours by messing with this wonderful world builder game. It isnt fully Minecraft, but it really shows what can actually be done with a Dreamcast console still in 2017.

Video of Crafti for Dreamcast

Its amazing to see how much development there is still done by the community for Dreamcast. As with the Amiga community, the Dreamcast community delivers so much nice and interesting software and hardware for this SEGA console. Distrita aims at continue this coverage as we see in our stats that our Dreamcast articles are popular.

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