SPIDERWOMAN001Manara-a3461-ad504In the 1980’s era we grew up with half naked drawn characters called He-Man and Bravestar. We also grow up with Sheera and Jem. Now Milo Manara have drawn the cover of Spider Woman with sex-porn-appeal to it International newspapers writes. Yes it is sexy and it might be disturbing for some which doesn’t understand what comics is, but its as harmless.

Here is the famous Jem intro:

People seems to take comics and cartoons to serious. Cartoons are for imagination and should not ever be taken seriously. Cartoons and art is the same. A designer or a drawer have made it from his imagination and thinking.

Almost every young person that I have met, that have watched nude cartoons or violent cartoons are today very nice people. They are infact less violent than the children which had fun running and doing many wrong things on the streets.

Why should it be only male superheroes that can be half naked? Why cant a red woman be something nice? I always looked up to a superhero when I was younger. When Sheera came (He-Mans twin sister) on the screen, it was really cool and I always wanted to see He-Man and Sheera on the very same episode.. and then in the end they were. I looked up to them.

Here is the famous Sheera intro:

The Sheera cartoon might not be as provacative as this drawing by Milo Manara, but it is putting woman into a strong-hero category. It gave me and others more respect for women actually. Spider Woman does that also! Most of young people today will increase their imagination and will even think of Spider Woman and Spiderman together. Why not let young people’s imagination flow. Do not stop it. Boys and even some girls likes to read things which parents shouldnt know anything about. Its been like that always. In older days, children or early teenagers are known for hiding Playboy magazines here and there. It would be much better if parents talked more with their childrens about what is real and what is dream/imagination. Don’t blame them for watching comics with nudity in them. It is more healthy than you would think. When a teenager gets told that this and than is not allowed, she or he will try to break the rules because it’s the part of becoming adult. Most of teenagers will go against parents in any possible way, and if caught most teenagers gets strong punishment. Do not do that. Try to be more informative towards your child and not so strict. Your atmosphere will be better. Try it.