Oslo, Norway: Scandinavia is a bit strange place. Especially if you reach above Gothenburg. The nights in summer is always light. In Oslo midnight looks like this. Same in Stockholm and Helsinki, but if you further north. In the Norwegian city Trondheim, the sunlight is even stronger… and when you reach Bodø in Norway you almost see the sun 24 hours… while in Tromsø in Norway you see the sun without problems. It wont go down at all. But if you go even longer north to Kirkenes and Alta in Norway, the sun even stays higher above the horizon.

On Svalbard/Spitsbergen its at it highest in Scandinavia.

So, if you are interested in 24 hours daylight, come to Scandinavia in June. On 21st of June the sun turns and days will be shorter and shorter until 21st of December. Thats how it is to live so far north.