The high tech company Microsoft is not only trying to put ads in apps we use. Now they are taking it to the next level next month when the new Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus installer is ready to ship. It is that reports on this.

When this update is active for users to download. It will come with a Google Chrome extension next month that switches the default search engine which is Google’s own search engine to Bing Microsoft Search engine for all users.

Microsoft will force Bing Search engine on its users

Microsoft is clearly marketing this to IT admins as enabling its Microsoft Search functionality in Chrome, but it also looks like a stealthy way of pushing people over to using Bing. If Bing is already set as the default search engine in Chrome, then the extension never gets installed. Microsoft is planning to roll this out in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and India next month.

Microsoft knows that it must do something against Google to compete but if this stealth method is good. Now that’s the right question to ask. New installations of Office 365 ProPlus and updated installs will include the extension, as long as the default search engine in Chrome is not set to Bing. Why is Microsoft so obsessed with forcing ads and functions on people? Shouldn’t this be a choice for users to make?

No one will stop Microsoft this time?

Back in the days when Microsoft forced Internet Explorer on all and wanted to change the Internet in favor of their interests. Then the users said enough is enough and so Firefox skyrocketed in popularity. Now, this seems to be a violation against freedom too to choose the search engine that the user thinks its best.

Why does Microsoft need to force things on its users? Is it to please advertisers on Bing so that Microsoft can earn on profits that it loses because of Google dominance? It will be interesting to see how this feature when the Office 365 ProPlus update comes out will be. If it is impossible to use the Google search engine or the other alternatives ones that we recommend here. Then this chase should go further to European Union and politicians caring for fair competition. Microsoft was fined for forcing people to use Internet Explorer. Now they are trying to the same.

Will Microsoft be able to survive this time or will someone stop them in time?

Source: The Verge